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Are Sublingual Vitamins Effective?

Studies have shown sublingual vitamins to be as effective as oral supplements and have equal effectiveness at resolving deficiencies, and some research indicates that administering vitamins sublingually leads to a higher absorption rate. So, in a word, yes, sublingual vitamins could be considered effective. Of course, you should always consult your primary care physician before making decisions about your personal health, and you can ask your doctor if sublingual vitamins could be particularly beneficial for you.

Sublingual vitamins can provide a handful of benefits – especially sublingual B-12 or a sublingual multivitamin – for people with trouble swallowing pills or gastrointestinal issues that may prevent the ability to digest pills or capsules. It can also be much easier to control the dosage when taking vitamins or supplements sublingually. According to the National Health Institute, the recommended daily amount of vitamin B-12 for adults is 2.4 mcg, although it has not been shown to cause harm at greater dosages. 

Many people can obtain the vitamin B-12 they need from well-balanced diets that include eggs, fish, poultry, meat, and other products rich in vitamin B-12. But for vegans and vegetarians, or people with Celiac disease, vitamin-B12 supplements may be necessary to avoid a deficiency. If your primary care physician agrees that vitamin B-12 supplements could be beneficial for your health and well-being, ask if sublingual administration is right for you.

Better Family provides a wide array of products so people can have access to the vitamins and minerals they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sublingual vitamins are as effective as oral supplements and liquid supplements can be more readily absorbed into the body. In some cases, capsule or pill vitamins only provide 10-20% of nutrients by way of bodily absorption, due to the use of binders or fillers in pills and capsules. 

Evidence of Effectiveness

B-12 sublingual benefits are especially evident in helping people with pernicious anemia – which is a type of vitamin B-12 anemia. Essentially, the body becomes less able to absorb vitamin B-12 due to a lack of a necessary protein called intrinsic factor. Without treatment, this condition can cause symptoms like tingling or numbness of hands and feet, jaundice or pallor, fatigue, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, bleeding gums, unsteadiness, and general confusion.

When vitamin B-12 is administered sublingually, it can enter the body via the bloodstream in the concentration of veins beneath the tongue – this way it bypasses oral digestion and the body is able to absorb it more easily. Sublingual vitamin B-12 supplements are available in liquid and tablet form – their effectiveness depends upon the user placing it beneath the tongue and letting it completely dissolve. If you are considering sublingual vitamins, ask your doctor which vitamins and what dosages would be right for you.

When inside the body, vitamin B-12 works to help replenish red blood cells and DNA, support healthy nerve functioning, and prevent conditions like megaloblastic anemia. 

Thanks to our biology, humans can usually absorb 60-70% more nutrients from liquid vitamins as opposed to vitamins that come in pill or capsule form. Liquid vitamins can also potentially be safer than their more traditional counterparts – tablets, capsules, and pills can sometimes get caught in the esophagus or obstruct the respiratory system. Because of this, liquid vitamins can be a highly effective solution for children and for older adults as well. 

Other Benefits of Sublingual Vitamins

While numerous blogs and other vitamins and supplements vendors tout anecdotal literature claiming to have an answer to “Does sublingual B-12 give you energy?” the evidence is largely inconclusive. We do know, however, that B-12 is an integral catalyst in the production of red blood cells and human DNA and that B-12 can support cellular metabolism and nerve function as well. And the positive impacts vitamin B-12 can have on the body can potentially lead to feeling more positive or energetic. There are numerous positive effects of using liquid vitamins and mineral supplements, and Better Families offers virtually everything you need in one convenient subscription package.

Better Family offers one of the best sublingual B-12 products available on the market, as well as an all-in-one liquid multivitamin, Liquid Daily. It contains a diverse blend of vitamins and nutrients and can be administered sublingually. Multivitamins and minerals in liquid format are easier to swallow and can make it much easier for you or your family to prevent deficiencies caused by dietary restrictions or other health conditions. As always, you should consult your primary care physician before making any changes to your diet and any dietary or vitamin supplements you may be taking as well. 

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