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Tasteless Liquid Vitamins

Article Highlights
  • In addition to better nutrient absorption, liquid vitamins can also be tastier or more palatable.
  • As vitamins and minerals naturally have quite strong flavors, concentrating them in any form usually results in a “vitamin-y” or “mineral-y” taste.
  • An unflavored or organically flavored multivitamin allows you to take control of the taste of your supplement by adding it to your favorite foods or drinks.

There are countless reasons as to why liquid vitamins have become the ultimate source to fulfill nutrition gaps throughout the whole family. Able to hold just as many nutrients as any pill-based supplement, liquid vitamins have the added benefit of better absorption (1). Not only does your body absorb the supplement more quickly, but it may also be able to pull more nutrition from a liquid vitamin than from a capsule. It takes time for your body to break down pills, capsules, and tablets, meaning that there is a chance of the supplement passing through your system before it can be fully absorbed (2). By eliminating the need to be broken down, liquid vitamins ensure that your body receives all the nutrients contained in the supplement without having to work against the clock.

Aside from efficient absorption, perhaps one of the most beneficial qualities of liquid vitamins is their palatability. For anyone who has trouble swallowing pills in general or wants to avoid the sugary taste of gummies, a liquid vitamin is certainly the best route to choose. However, one concern that many people have when taking vitamins is the taste. There are plenty of liquid vitamins with great-tasting formulas, flavors often ranging from fruit punch to citrus. These flavor enhancements are designed to mask the flavor of the nutrients in the supplement because, at the moment, it is impossible to make any real vitamins or minerals truly tasteless. In nature, vitamins and minerals have quite strong flavors, so of course concentrating them in any way will always result in a “vitamin-y” or “mineral-y” taste.

"I give Liquid Daily to my daughter and she barely tastes it, even just added to water, which is great!"

- Olivia T.

Try the lightly and naturally flavored liquid multivitamin that is nearly undetectable added to any juice, drink, or even water.


However, there are ways to work around this bump in the road. Plenty of brands have created unflavored liquid vitamins, which are not masked by a fruity overtone. Even though tasteless liquid vitamins do not necessarily exist, an unflavored multivitamin allows you to take control of the taste of your supplement by adding it to your favorite foods or drinks. This is especially helpful when administering multivitamins for kids or picky eaters, which can make a liquid vitamin the best multivitamin for kids. Read on to learn more about some excellent options for flavorless multivitamins that can be taken by the whole family.

Tasteless Liquid Vitamins For Toddlers

For children ages 1-3 who may have difficulty swallowing pills or chewing tablets, liquid vitamins are a great source of added nutrients that may be missing from their diets. Overall, regardless of age, most human beings have the same nutritional gaps caused by diet, meaning that the best liquid multivitamin for toddlers may often be the same as one for any other member of the family. However, if you notice that your child has a particular vendetta against eating certain foods, you can supplement their diet with a multivitamin. Be careful that your toddler multivitamin does not exceed the upper limit for the recommended daily dose of each vitamin (3).

Some of the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers come from Mary Ruth Organics, with a Liquid Morning Multivitamin that comes in a delicious raspberry flavor and includes a blend of B, C, D, and E vitamins. However, if you have a picky child on your hands or if you are looking to supplement them with just one particular vitamin, Mary Ruth also offers a selection of tasteless liquid vitamins for toddlers in the form of vitamin drops. The Toddler Vitamin D3+K2 Liquid Drops in particular are great for boosting calcium levels in non-dairy drinkers and can be added to your child’s favorite juice with little to no detection.

Best Vitamins For Picky Eaters

As toddlers grow into children and children grow into teens, it can become harder and harder to encourage them to take supplements, especially ones that have an unpleasant taste. In fact, plenty of children even turn their noses up at sweetened vitamin formulas simply because it’s a vitamin or something too healthy. If you are experiencing these types of issues with getting your kids to take vitamins, consider testing out unflavored children’s liquid vitamins as an easy way to slip in some nutritional supplements for picky eaters. Simply add any unflavored children’s vitamins of your choice to a smoothie in the morning or any of your kids’ favorite drinks to help boost their nutrition without any fuss.

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Try Liquid Daily

Liquid Daily is the all-in-one liquid multivitamin that is nearly tasteless when added to any drink or juice!

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An excellent kids multivitamin liquid that also happens to be completely unflavored is Spectrum Support II Vitamins. This rich supplement contains essential nutrients like choline, herbs to support metabolic function, and 44 vitamins, including A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. This liquid multivitamin for kids comes in two formulas, P5P or PAK. Children with a sensitivity to B6 vitamins should start out with the PAK formula before working their way up to the more potent P5P formula, but both options have plenty of vitamins and nutrients to fill in any missing pieces in your child’s diet.

Liquid Vitamins For Adults

Age isn’t the only factor that can cause people to turn their noses up at a multivitamin. Plenty of adults have picky eating habits as well, or they simply don’t have enough time in the day to attend to their nutrition properly, leaving behind notable gaps in their diets. As with the majority of people, the best vitamins for picky eaters, whether they be children or adults, are either liquid multivitamins with a pleasant flavor or a flavorless multivitamin. Similar to the way parents sneak supplements to their children, adults who have a strong dislike for the taste of vitamins can slip an unflavored supplement into a favorite drink on the way to work to bring some added nutrition to their bodies.

Since picky eaters often have a distaste for particular foods or food groups, one of the best ways to supplement your diet is to utilize individual liquid vitamins for adults that come in drop form. Vitamin drops are nearly always available in unflavored options and can easily provide a boost of any nutrient you may be lacking from your diet. Elderberry Hill offers a variety of unflavored vitamin drops that can be added to any drink, ranging from K2 vitamins to B-complex vitamins, and even specific nutrients like ionic zinc.

Powder Multivitamin

A powder multivitamin has many of the same benefits as a liquid multivitamin. An all-one multivitamin powder contains your entire daily amount of supplements in just one dose and eliminates the need for pills for anyone who has trouble swallowing them (4). Multivitamin powder packets even allow you to conveniently take your supplement on the go with you, meaning you can slip it into your drink at a restaurant or even into your water bottle after a run. Powders come in a wide array of options, though an unflavored vitamin powder in particular is great for disguising your supplement in a drink or even in your favorite foods.

The Green Phyto Base Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Powder offered by All One is an excellent organic multivitamin powder to try. With 10 of the 13 essential vitamins and packed full of phyto-nutrients, this potent powder is just what you need to start your day off right. Unflavored, it can be mixed into your oatmeal, yogurt, or cereal in the morning to add a boost of nutrients to your breakfast, helping you to keep your energy high throughout the day.

Using flavorless multivitamin powder is also a popular option for those who live an active lifestyle. Mixing their vitamins with protein shakes can be a one-stop shop for intaking all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. The flavorless aspect means that it is undetectable in any mix, a great benefit for people who are mindful about their health but have a sensitive sense of taste.

Kids Multivitamin Powder

If liquid vitamins are not the right solution for you and your family, consider switching to a kids multivitamin powder instead. Unlike liquid vitamins, powder supplements can be added to either drinks or food, making them a bit easier to disguise, especially if your child struggles with consuming liquids regularly. A multivitamin powder will allow your child’s body to absorb nutrients efficiently in much the same way as a liquid multivitamin would, once again avoiding the need to break down and digest capsules before the nutrients can be absorbed.

My Spectrum Heroes Multivitamin and Mineral Plus is an unflavored children’s multivitamin powder that is also free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. It contains a blend of essential vitamins and minerals as well as important nutrients like zinc, choline, calcium, and potassium. Though it is formulated to close nutritional gaps that are commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder, this supplement is a great way to nourish and support the neurocognitive health of all children.

Flavorless Vitamin C

Considered one of the safest and most effective vitamins to boost overall health and wellness, vitamin C benefits your body in a number of ways. It has the potential to protect against “immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling” (5). Perhaps the most popular way to increase vitamin C levels is to eat foods that are rich in this powerful vitamin, including cantaloupe, red peppers, oranges, and kiwis. However, it can be difficult to incorporate these foods into your diet every single day, especially for those who may be allergic to them. In this case, introducing a vitamin C supplement into your routine is an easy way to increase your vitamin C intake.

Most vitamin C supplements are citrus or orange flavored, but for those who don’t enjoy that particular taste or who simply prefer to vary the taste of their supplements, flavorless vitamin C is certainly an option. Many brands offer unflavored vitamin C in the form of liquid drops. Rae Immunity has a liquid drop vitamin C supplement with added zinc that is unflavored and can be mixed into any beverage. If powders are more your style, Pure Synergy’s Pure Radiance C is a flavorless vitamin C powder that is also all-natural and completely organic. Made entirely from organic fruits and berries, this powerful supplement packs you full of vitamin C without the acidic stomach ache that sometimes accompanies higher levels of vitamin C.

Best Liquid Multivitamin For Autism

Affecting 1 in 44 children in the United States, autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, impacts the lives of families everyday. Manifesting in various ways and with a wide array of possible symptoms, treatment options for ASD must be flexible and able to bend to the needs of each affected individual. Alongside behavioral therapy and pharmacological drugs, a new alternative for alleviating symptoms of autism has emerged in the form of nutritional supplements. Multivitamins, a comprehensive and convenient source of many different essential vitamins and minerals all in one place, are one excellent form of nutritional supplement that may be able to help families impacted by autism by providing a consistent source of nutrients to counteract deficiencies and improve ASD symptoms.

The best liquid multivitamin for autism may be different depending on which symptoms you are most interested in improving, your existing diets and wellness routines, and any other unique health needs. For example, autism supplements for speech should center around magnesium and a few B complex vitamins like B6, B9, and B12, the latter being particularly effective for treating speech delays. Autism supplements designed to help stimming, on the other hand, should contain vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids, both of which have been found to reduce ASD symptoms related to repetitive behaviors in both speech and movement. Overall, an effective multivitamin for autism is one that is well-rounded and helps fill in any existing gaps in you and your loved ones’ usual diets.

Vitamins For Picky Eaters

Every parent worries about their child’s nutrition. However, the parents of picky eaters may sometimes have a few extra morsels of worry on their plates. Without regular nutritional intake from a well-balanced diet, children may become underweight or have a lower functioning immune system, leaving them more open to invading bacteria and viruses. It’s hard enough to ensure 3 balanced meals a day for a family with hectic schedules without the added stress of picky eating on top of it, so supplements like multivitamins can be extremely helpful.

When searching for the best vitamins for picky eaters, your selection may depend on the health goals you and your physician have worked out for your child. If you have an underweight child, you may want to look for supplements that contain B vitamins to increase metabolic function as well as vitamin D to assist with the absorption of other nutrients, like calcium. Those seeking out immune-boosting supplements may want to check the ingredients list for vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, along with vitamin C and zinc, two essential nutrients for the support of immune cells. 

That being said, age also plays a small factor in selecting your multivitamin. While most age groups have extremely similar nutritional needs, the early stages of life may require particular attention to certain nutrients that assist in the growth and development of the body and brain. Some examples of these nutrients include B vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Vitamins for Elderly Family

When caring for an elderly family member, it can be difficult to get them to eat a full meal. Many elderly people do not get all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need for health from their diet. Supplementing with tasteless liquid vitamins can be a great way to keep them healthy and out of the hospital. Liquid vitamins are great for elderly people as they can be added to any juice or liquid that the person is already used to consuming. When creating a nutrition and health plan for elderly people, it’s important to include multivitamins that don’t taste bad. Displeasure with taste could lead to a refusal to take the vitamins and an overall health decline – which isn’t what we want for our loved ones. Some of the most important vitamins for elderly people are Vitamins B6, B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C. Vitamin B6 is essential for energy production, which is very important in older people. Vitamin B12 helps keep red blood cells healthy and assists in our neurological function. Vitamin D is strongly linked to bone health, which is vital in elderly people. As we age, our bones become more brittle and more likely to break. Vitamin D can help keep bones strong. Vitamin C is known for keeping our immune systems healthy and active, but can also help battle anemia and iron deficiency. 

Using liquid vitamins to add to water is an efficient way to aid the health of elderly people and keep their bodies and brains strong and active. If an elderly person struggles to consume liquids regularly, using a flavorless multivitamin powder can also be an effective way of ensuring that they get their nutrients. Multivitamin powder can be mixed into any of their soft foods, and since it is flavorless, there should be no complaints. 

Vitamins for Pregnant People

Pregnancy can be physically exhausting and taxing on the body. Many adults have a nutritional gap that makes it difficult for them to access all of the minerals and vitamins they need for optimal health. This is exacerbated by pregnancy when the body needs to consume even more of its resources than normal to contribute to another growing human being. There can be a lot of pressure on expectant parents to choose the best liquid multivitamin to aid their growing infant, but the best vitamins for pregnancy are folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and iodine. While there are a few options out there for tasteless liquid vitamins for adults, it’s important to choose a vitamin that will have lasting benefits and carry on to other parts of life, such as aging and pregnancy. 

Using a liquid vitamin while pregnant helps to increase absorption and create faster, stronger results for your baby. Having a vitamin deficiency while pregnant can result in birth defects such as brain damage and disposition to the condition pre-eclampsia, which can result in mother and infant death. While taking supplements such as a flavorless multivitamin doesn’t completely prevent these outcomes, it can significantly impact deficiency symptoms and help keep mother and baby healthy.  

"I started all 3 of my boys and myself on the Liquid Daily vitamins. It’s such a simple and efficient way to help ensure their development and keep us healthy"

- Josh L.

Try the lightly and naturally flavored liquid multivitamin that is nearly undetectable added to any juice, drink, or even water.


Liquid Vitamins for Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. The two can often be linked with each other. Taking care of the brain is also taking care of the body, and vice versa. There are several vitamins that can help improve mental health. Vitamin B12 and other B complex vitamins have been linked with producing chemicals that affect mood and other neurological functions. Low levels of Vitamin B12 and B6 have been linked with depression. Taking liquid vitamins that support the Vitamin B complex may be a first, low-risk step in treating the symptoms of poor mental health. 

Vitamin C can also play an important role in mental health. Although most people know Vitamin C as the immune system booster, people who experience Vitamin C deficiency may also experience depression and chronic fatigue. People who do not have a Vitamin C deficiency but still take a Vitamin C supplement have reported increased mood, energy, and cognitive function. 

Vitamin D deficiency is especially associated with people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Since a person’s main source of Vitamin D is typically sunlight, people who live in colder or more northern climates are more likely to experience a Vitamin D deficiency in the winter months as they experience less sunlight. A liquid vitamin that contains Vitamin D could be useful in combating Vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder.



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