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  • Vitamin subscription services can help you and your family take recommended vitamins and minerals more consistently
  • Personalized vitamin packs often send the same commonly taken vitamins as general multivitamins
  • A liquid multivitamin subscription can provide higher value, better taste, fewer unwanted additives, and provide a single simple solution for your whole family
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Vitamin Subscription Services

“What vitamins should I take?” This is a question that savvy, health-conscious people (like you, our readers) often ask themselves. Since vitamin subscription services can bill you monthly and ship the vitamins right to your doorstep, they’re often a more convenient (and less mentally exhausting) alternative to going to the store and becoming overwhelmed by the vitamin aisle. For those who are seeking maximum absorption with liquid vitamins (1), the only options are to order online anyway (or visit a specialty store). For those who want liquid multivitamins, subscription services can be extra handy. 

There are multiple vitamin subscriptions out there, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. We’ve prepared an honest review of vitamin subscription services, including an assortment of vitamin packs, along with a more detailed analysis of specific subscriptions. We’ll tour Ritual’s golden capsules and then stroll through the Care/of garden, with its wide range of vitamin offerings. Our last stop will be at the high-end boutique of Persona vitamins. We checked multiple review sources, so you don’t have to. 

Those vitamins aren’t the only ones we’ll cover, though. We’re going to take a look at each of Healthline’s picks (2) for the best vitamin subscription services. Ritual was voted best for families, Care/of had the best variety, and the best high end was Persona. Rootine was touted as having the most comprehensive testing, Nurish was found to be of the best value and their best overall pick was Hum Nutrition. We’ll look into what makes each of these subscription services outstanding. Now that we’ve got the basics underway, let’s get started!

Vitamin Packs 

Rootine was voted one of the best personalized vitamins listed above, specifically for its comprehensive testing. Since 94.3% of the US population doesn’t meet requirements for vitamin D alone (3), it makes sense for consumers to want to do a preliminary blood test to see which vitamins they need most. Since genetic differences can lead to variations in how nutrients are absorbed and how they’re used (4), some may choose Rootine because they also offer DNA testing. Since these vitamin packs use information from your own blood test results, Rootine is one of the most highly personalized vitamin packs available today. 

Also on Healthline’s list of best vitamin packs is Nurish. Nourish offers vitamins and supplements based on your answers to an online, 5-minute health quiz. These vitamin packs have each days’ supplements individually packaged and labeled with your name, and contain a variety of Nature Made products, including vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, probiotics, herbal supplements, and specialty blends. At $30 a month, it’s a more affordable option for people who want to try vitamin packs. 

Hum nutrition got their pick for best overall because they carry multiple supplements formulated to address specific issues. You take an online health assessment and are given supplement recommendations and a health report, and are assigned to a registered dietician whom you can contact with questions or concerns. Their products range from $15-$50 each. 

Not mentioned above, Roman was voted by Healthline as the best vitamin packs for men. They offer supplements for prostate and heart health, testosterone support, and stress relief. Each supplement contains only ingredients that are backed by evidence. They cost about $30-$40 each per month. 

Ritual Vitamins 

Ritual vitamins are probably the most well-known supplement subscription service. Ritual vitamins’ prenatal option was voted by Healthline as one of the best prenatal vitamins (5). Ritual vitamins’ men’s formulation is pretty well-loved (6) also. In addition to prenatal and mens’ formulas, they offer multivitamin blends for kids aged 4-12, teenagers, men, and women (18+ and 50+). A months’ supply costs $30-$35. 

Now let’s go into the pros and cons of ritual vitamins. 


Ritual vitamins have a minty flavor to them that most reviewers seem to like. They feel that the flavor helps the pills go down easier. 

Science-backed formulas were created with the help of a research and development board.

The Apple Watch app helps you stay on top of your vitamin regimen. 

Ritual is committed to transparency. You’ll know what form of the nutrient, why it’s important, where it’s sourced from and who the supplier is. They’ll even give you the manufacturing location!

They’re 100% vegan. They even offer nutrients that are specifically targeted to vegans (since vegans tend to be low in B12, the women’s multi has B12 in it). This makes it a great choice for vegan men and women. 

You can take it on an empty stomach. Most pills have fillers and other ingredients that cause stomach upset, but Ritual reviewers say that the golden capsules don’t cause stomach issues. It doesn’t have any fillers, and the mens’ formulation has just 10 nutrients to cover common nutritional gaps. 

It’s got a delayed-release design, which means that the capsules dissolve in your small intestine for better absorption of certain nutrients. 

It’s gluten and major allergen-free, non-GMO, and has no artificial colors/fillers. 

You can cancel a subscription at any time.

Some of Ritual’s products are verified by USP, a third-party organization that tests for quality

purity, and potency. 


They’re pretty pricey compared to store-bought. (Of course, you’re looking into these because you want a subscription, but we’re going to list the pros and cons from reviewers anyway, just in case you find the information handy.)

They generate more waste than store-bought. (Before you get upset - they do use recycled materials for their bottles and plant fibers for their packaging!) That said, you’re getting one bottle a month shipped to you, and all of those bottles and packages add up over time. 

Slow shipping. One reviewer said that it took 3 weeks to get her shipment. That’s a long time to wait, and since they’re a subscription item, she said she almost had to order the renewal before she got a chance to try them. 

It requires a subscription (you can’t just go to the store for Ritual vitamins). 

Unlike many of the other vitamin subscriptions on this list, Ritual vitamins aren’t personalized. Ritual vitamins’ ingredients are the same across each formula. If we both get the same formulation, we’ll be getting the same nutrients, unlike Care/of, Hum, Rootine, etc. 

Mens’ 18+

Women’s 18+

Ritual (unspecified)


When you go to the Care/of vitamins’ website, the first thing you’ll see is the Care/of quiz on the homepage. They offer vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, probiotics, collagen, protein powder, electrolyte sticks, and other products. Their bundles range from $40-$75 a month and are fully customizable. We tracked down a few Care/of vitamin reviews, some of them from dieticians!

Let’s get into the pros and cons portion of our Care/of review.


Accurate, personalized recommendations. A registered dietician (by the name of Victoria, on the Care/of website) said that their recommendations were the same as hers would have been.

High standards when it comes to quality and effectiveness. Their supplements are made from wholesome ingredients, in the forms most readily used by the body and matched to serve specific health conditions. Every product is tested for quality and purity, and they are graded from “Traditionally used” for supplements that have been used in herbal or traditional medicine, to “Very strong research,” for those supported by several robust studies and supported by expert consensus. 

Wide variety of products, as referenced above. 

They’re sustainable. The daily vitamin packs are made with plant-based, compostable film. 

You get your money’s worth. They’re higher-quality than other affordable brands on the market.


Wide variability in cost (again, the bundles can range from $40-$75 but if you choose to add extras to your order, they can be $5-$32 in addition to the bundle cost).

There’s a shipping fee for order totals under $20. 

Unlike Persona and Hum Nutrition, Care/of doesn’t include access to a registered dietitian or any other health expert. 

Products aren’t third-party certified. This is a potential downside since third-party testing confirms that the supplement contains what it says it does on the label. 

The 5-minute questionnaire doesn’t provide a comprehensive medical history, which means that you may be recommended a product that interacts with one of your medications or interacts with a pre-existing medical condition. For this reason, you should speak with a healthcare professional before you start taking Care/of or any other supplement regimen. 

One customer on their website complained of shorted orders (by 5 servings) and late deliveries, in addition to not being refunded any money. Several other customers complained of shipping issues such as short orders and delays.

Products contain sugar, so those with celiac or diabetes should avoid Care/of supplements.

One customer complained that it was very difficult to get out of the subscription. 

Dietitian (on Care/of blog)

On their website

Persona Vitamins 

Persona vitamins include over 90 products, including letter vitamins, supplement blends, and herbal supplements, all in daily-dose packs. When you take Persona vitamins, you’ll get product recommendations based on your answers to an online health assessment in addition to access to a nutrition team. This nutrition team has dietitians, pharmacists, and other health professionals, all ready to answer your questions. You can even book a one-on-one appointment with a member of the team. It can be $100 or more a month depending on the supplements that are recommended, and shipping is free for orders over $50. 

Here are the pros and cons we pulled from Persona vitamins’ reviews.


They offer a great selection of supplements you can mix and match to create custom daily vitamin packs. You can filter them based on specific health concerns, like inflammation, weight loss, digestive, brain, and joint health. 

High-quality ingredients. They work with trusted suppliers to ensure that the ingredients they source are safe and effective as well. Products are tested and inspected to ensure purity and accuracy. 

Clearly labeled products. Products which are made without GMOs, are free of common allergens, are vegan or vegetarian are instantly recognizable. 

They’re effective. Since the recommendations are tailored to your needs, they can address health issues and concerns that are most important to you. Persona Nutrition has a medical advisory board as well, which analyzes research and aids in selecting high-quality, effective supplements. They provide detailed, scientific info on the benefits of each product as well. 

They seem highly tuned in to their customers and have a good rating on Trustpilot. On their website, there are several reviews, and Persona seems to be very good about following up with customers who are less than thrilled with their experience. One customer complained about the price and was given a referral code for $25, which was thoughtful. 


Again, they’re pretty pricey. For an example of the price range, a 4-week supply of their Energy Essential pack is as low as $21.99, but for their CBD Stress pack, it’s $73.99. Seventy dollars every four weeks can add up quickly. 

They’re not certified by a third-party company. As with Care/of, this means that there’s a risk that you could be getting something other than what you paid for. 

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is not available for any of the company’s supplements. CoAs ensure that products meet the required specifications. 

One customer said that they needed to call to cancel the subscription. This may be inconvenient, especially for busy families. Another customer was unhappy that they could only move the shipment delivery out 2 weeks at the most. 

Many customers have also expressed frustration with shipment delays and being overcharged.


On their website

Medical News Today

Better Family

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’ve developed a highly absorbable liquid multivitamin and multimineral with you in mind. Since everyone needs the same basic types of nutrients (7), we developed a simple, all-in-one formula for the whole family. The benefit to that is that there don’t need to be clunky pill bottles lying around for each family member anymore. Our vitamins are also affordable, for those of you who are willing to give them a go. It’s $30 a month for those who are 18 and older, and $15 a month for kids (4 years old) to teens (17 years old). For toddlers, the Better Family vitamins are $7.50 a month. Families can determine their pricing based on their household size. Feel free to try them out and see for yourself!


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