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  • Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that the body needs in order for the blood to clot correctly and for bone building.
  • To avoid bleeding, Vitamin K is an essential micronutrient for newborn babies to be supplemented with as soon as they’re born. 
  • Vitamin K can aid in the health of skin, hair, and nails, along with reducing the look of dark circles in those who suffer from them
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Liquid Vitamin K Supplement

Vitamin K refers to a group of vitamins that can be found in some green vegetables (like broccoli and Brussels sprouts), and it’s an essential vitamin that the body needs for blood clotting, bone building, and other important processes (1). 

Vitamin K comes from the German word “Koagulationsvitamin,” and can also be extremely helpful for people with blood clotting problems. Many people also use it to aid with and lessen the effects of osteoporosis, breast cancer, and diabetes. 

Taking a liquid vitamin K supplement might be recommended if you have a disease that affects the digestive tract’s absorption (like Crohn’s disease or active celiac disease), take drugs that interfere with the body’s absorption of vitamin K, are severely malnourished, or drink alcohol heavily (2). Vitamin K liquid drops can be helpful in these situations because, as someone who falls into one of these categories, your body is not able to absorb the correct amount if you're not getting enough of it from your current diet

We will dive deeper into this concept in the next section, but we’ll make a quick note of it here - it’s common for newborn babies to receive a singular shot of vitamin K. This has many people wondering the results of vitamin k oral drops vs injection. The truth of the matter is that, for newborns, the injection has a much higher success rate because the vitamin K present in the shot is absorbed more quickly and successfully by the infant’s body, and therefore lasts longer in their system (3). If a newborn baby instead receives an oral dose of vitamin K, they are more likely to develop late bleeding due to a vitamin K deficiency that all babies are born with. 

There are alternatives to the vitamin K shot, though. Some mothers will pack their diets with foods that are high in vitamin K in the weeks before giving birth, although there is no research to back up if this works or not. And if you’re someone who prefers the oral dose of vitamin K for your newborn instead of the shot, the option is available to give your baby three doses of the vitamin k supplement in order to make sure that they have all that they need (4). 

Liquid Vitamin K For Newborns

Some people may wonder why is vitamin K given to newborns? The reason is because vitamin K is metabolized and stored in the liver instead of free-floating throughout the body, which means that the vitamin K that is in a pregnant woman’s body doesn’t cross the placenta. Because of this, all babies are born deficient in vitamin K, and this can put them at risk for uncontrolled bleeding, or vitamin K deficiency bleeding (3) if the vitamin K levels drop too low. If you skip the newborn vitamin K shot and don’t supplement it with liquid vitamin K for newborns, the consequences have the potential to be very bad - with things happening like long-term neurological, cognitive, or developmental problems - even organ failure or death. 

There are options for people who aren’t crazy about giving the vitamin K injection dose for newborns, if they’re worried about vitamin K newborn side effects. The truth of the matter is that there are no known harmful side effects of the vitamin K shot, besides some potential bruising at the injection shot and the pain of the injection itself - after all, it is an essential vitamin that newborn babies need to survive and thrive. 

But if you’re still not a fan of the shot, you may choose to go with the route that entails oral vitamin K for newborns. But there are plenty of liquid vitamin K for newborns pros and cons. For one, it’s a good option for people who want to administer the vitamin themselves and have personal reasons for feeling distrustful of shots. But there are cons involved as well. First of all, oral vitamin K doesn’t always work for babies with undiagnosed gallbladder problems. Though these problems are rare, they are serious, and they put newborns at a higher risk for vitamin K deficiency bleeding. 

There are factors that depend on the vitamin K drops newborn schedule, though. Research has found (5) that administering vitamin K by mouth weekly instead of only three times during infancy has a higher chance of working at the same level as the shot, even in babies with undiagnosed gallbladder problems. 

And when it comes to vitamin K drops for breastfed babies, they can be very helpful (3), because breastmilk can only pass about 1 microgram per liter through to the baby, while formula fed babies receive about 55 micrograms per liter. 

Vitamin D3 and K2 Combination

When it comes to combining vitamins to get the best results, there are plenty of liquid vitamin D3 with K2 benefits (6). The vitamin D3 and K2 combination has been quickly growing and seen as the most successful product pairing worldwide, as they’re both essential vitamins that are needed for life - and they’re actually two of the core vitamins that are missing from many people’s diets, including many children’s diets. 

The way that this deficiency can be abated is through vitamin D3 K2 drops. By incorporating vitamin D3 + K2 liquid into your everyday routine, you’re promoting bone health and heart health by activating two proteins that balance calcium in the body. K2 will activate the osteocalcin proteins that incorporate calcium to bones, and vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium into the blood - and has even been linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer. 

The best liquid vitamin with D3 and K2 offers ingredients for maintaining and improving bone and cardiovascular health, and such ingredients are included in Liquid Daily. 

When it comes to liquid vitamin D3 with K2 side effects, the good news is that very few people experience anything serious (7). If the product that you’re taking has iron in it, there’s a chance you could experience constipation, diarrhea, or belly pain, but if it doesn’t have iron, you’ll only need to contact your doctor if you suddenly experience an upset stomach or begin throwing up.

Pure Vitamin K Oil

Pure vitamin K oil is something that many people have found useful in their skincare and haircare routines. When it comes to vitamin K oil benefits, the list is long. 

Using vitamin K oil for skin (8) can promote wound healing by encouraging wound contraction and helping to gather collagen in the blood vessels. Along this same vein, using vitamin K oil for scars could show some positive results as well. It could also have some antioxidant properties and using pure vitamin K oil for skin could also help to reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by the sun, and it can also abate the effects of swelling or bruising. Along with this, vitamin K oil for skin benefits also include improving the look of stretch marks, as it can increase the elasticity of the skin, and it can help combat wrinkles for that same reason. 

There are also uses for vitamin K oil for hair (9). Not only does it help to regrow hair, it can also prevent hair loss and naturally reverse the effects of hair loss. 

Taking vitamin K oil capsules is a good way to maintain and improve the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Remember the way that it promotes bone health? It behaves in the same way for these three important areas of the body and it doesn’t only aid in how they function, but it improves the way that they look, too. 

How To Use Vitamin K For Dark Circles

For years, people have been using chilled tea bags, cucumbers, shea and cocoa butter to erase their dark circles - but evidence shows that vitamin K oil for dark circles could work as well (10). They could have the ability to lighten the shade of those pesky dark circles in the orbital area of the eye, commonly caused by genetics, allergies, and fatigue. Aging can also be a contributing factor to dark circles, but the blood-clotting agents in vitamin K may be what helps out so much in lessening the look of these circles. 

Lack of the right nutrients could also be a reason for dark circles under the eyes, which is why it’s helpful to look into vitamin K food for dark circles. Foods that can help to eradicate the pigmentation under the eyes are (11): Turnip greens, cauliflower, pomegranate, and tomatoes, as these foods are especially rich in vitamin K and are a great addition to a diet that may be lacking. 

How to use vitamin K for dark circles is simple (12), and there are a few options that you can choose from. You can incorporate Liquid Daily into your daily routine, as it has a good amount of vitamin K. You can also choose to take capsules, use a vitamin K gel, vitamin K cream, pure vitamin K oil, or supplement your diet with foods rich in vitamin K, like those we listed above. 


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