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Better Family was founded by two fathers - Matt and Phil - and is guided by a diverse team of medical experts.

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Led by medical professionals and wellness experts

Our Formulation Team is led by a Doctor of Pharmacy with two decades of experience working with and formulating physician-grade supplements.

They are joined by our Scientific Advisory Team, which is made up of experts like Dr. Katie Nichols and Bill Sickert.

Dr. Katie, DDS


Dr. Katherine T. Nichols is a Board Certified Pediatric dentist and a mom of four. She knows that raising kids with a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and leads our efforts to provide families with an efficient way to work towards complete nutrition without all the added sugars and waxes commonly found in daily multivitamins.

Bill Sickert, JD, CNC


Over his extensive career, Bill has held top scientific positions throughout the Health Care, Nutraceutical, Herbal Medicine and Whole Food Nutrition sectors. Beyond his work throughout professional wellness, Bill is an award winning athlete passionate about promoting personal and family health.

Rhonda Marsh, MSN, FNP-BC


Rhonda has been providing world-class, holistic-lead medical care for nearly 30 years. She has helped thousands of patients through her own practice (Integrated Health Specialists of Indiana), where her natural approaches have helped individuals of all ages optimize their health and wellness with proper nutrition and high-quality supplementation.

Sara Snow


Sara Snow is an Emmy Award winning TV host and producer, author and health expert. As an international public figure for wellness, her talks and TV shows have reached millions with a message of cleaner, healthier living. Today she is an advisor to Better Family and other brands launching ground breaking products in the family and wellness space. 

As a mom of two busy girls she knows as well as anyone how important nutrition is, but how quick and convenient it needs to be as well. Sara and her husband, Ryan, live near the beaches of Southern California with their two daughters and one fluffy dog.

Matt Hasbrook


Matt, a father of 4, has competed at the highest levels as a world-class wrestler and football player. Through those experiences, he developed a fascination for what helps the human body develop and maintain a healthy way of operating. He first channelled that passion into developing a successful IV Therapy Spa.

He loves seeing Better Family be able to deliver the advanced benefits of liquid nutritional supplementation directly to the doorsteps of households all across the nation!

Phil Enck


Phil has a lifelong passion for fitness, nutrition, and natural remedies. Inspired by his youthful father and now able to enjoy an active lifestyle himself beyond that of most people his age (or even younger), he attributes his health and vitality to daily exercise, good food, and high quality vitamins and minerals.

He loves seeing the Better Family brand deliver on his passion to create nutraceutical formulations that "fill the gaps” in the average family diet in a simpler and more affordable way!


A Letter from Our Founders

Hi! We're Matt and Phil :)

We believe that big problems need better solutions. We started Better Family because we wanted simply that: a better solution for our families.

After years of learning about advanced nutrition by competing at high-level athletics and running wellness related businesses, we realized that it was hard for our families to get the daily nutrition we needed.

Low energy, trouble focusing, frequent sickness, and concerns about the development of our bodies and brains as we got older... the issues were the same for our kids as they were for ourselves and our spouses. So - we started looking for solutions.

We started with our diet.

With our busy lives, it was hard to make sure we had fully balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It seemed like some days (okay, some weeks...) the quick, easy, unhealthy "cheat" meals would outweigh the balanced servings of fruits and veggies (especially for our kids).

So, we turned to supplements.

We quickly found that the vitamins that existed for our kids were either sugary gummies (that their dentists hated), pills they wouldn't swallow, or icky-tasting syrups that they couldn't stand.

It wasn't much better for the adults... We went through phases of either buying cheap multivitamin tablets in bulk (AKA, ineffective crap junk) -or- buying tons of different bottles of individual vitamins and minerals that got very expensive and very unrealistic to keep track of... and that are currently sitting untouched in the back of our medicine cabinets somewhere.

We knew there had to be something better...

So when we couldn't find it - we set out to build it: an advanced, all-in-one liquid multivitamin that every single member of your family can safely and effectively take every day.

We wanted a single combination of vitamins and minerals that covers all the most common gaps in the family diet. By crafting a new formulation into a liquid delivery system, we knew we could make it easier to manage for adults than juggling countless pills, tastier and sugarless for kids, and more effective for everyone given the advanced benefits of liquid absorption... not to mention friendlier on the family budget.

So here we are, over two years later. We're excited (and a little scared) to be on this entrepreneurial journey making better nutrition available to every family. And - quite honestly - we need your support.

Will you join us by ordering your own Taste Test of Liquid Daily and letting us know what you think?

Either way - we appreciate you reading our story and wish you and your family a better day, every day :).


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