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Article Highlights

  • With numerous personalized vitamin companies popping up out there, in recent years its gotten more difficult to find the best personalized vitamins.
  • Personalized vitamin companies often claim to match their vitamins to your dietary needs using online questionnaires
  • Experts disagree on how accurate personalized vitamin company quizzes are in determining your exact vitamin requirements and personalized packs 

Comparing Monthly Vitamin Subscriptions

There are a lot of vitamin options in the market. From a single multivitamin to a personalized pack of supplements, you can choose how you'd like to take your vitamins and minerals. 

If you're looking for an easy-to-take multivitamin, Better Family's Liquid Multivitamin is the best option. It's an effective, convenient, and affordable way to ensure you're getting the nutrients you need. With a monthly subscription, your multivitamin will be delivered right to your door.

The Better Family Liquid Multivitamin is a great choice for families. Everyone can take the same multivitamin in an easy-to-consume liquid format. Just alter the dose to match the age and nutritional requirements of each person in your family. 

If you're looking for a personalized monthly vitamin subscription, you have a lot of options. So many that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Most people don't know where to start when they want to find out about personalized vitamins, so they turn to the internet.

Reddit is a commonly-used platform for people looking to hear about vitamins. If you’re googling best vitamin subscription, the top suggestion is ‘best vitamin subscription reddit.’

Someone might be interested in taking vitamins and turn to the site to hear about their options for supplements. However, with strangers on the internet as their main source of information, they often miss important details, facts, or alternative products. 

That's why we created this list. We want you to have a reliable source of information about monthly vitamin subscriptions. If you're interested in signing up for a monthly vitamin subscription, then there's a lot you should know first. 

Personalized Vitamins

Personalized vitamin companies claim to match their vitamins to your dietary needs (1). There have been a lot of these companies popping up over the past few years, with most offering their product directly to consumers through their websites. All these options make it hard to find the best personalized vitamins for you.

Some people prefer personalized vitamins because they feel like they're meeting their dietary needs better. Most people miss out on key vitamins, but exactly which ones can vary depending on lifestyle, age, geographic location, diet, health conditions, and a slew of other factors. 

How the company decides which vitamins you need can vary, but most use online questionnaires. They ask you a few general questions about your diet, exercise, overall lifestyle, and health. 

Experts disagree on how accurate these quizzes are. Many nutritionists and other health professionals say that you need a blood test to figure out exactly what a person's missing in their diet. However, others claim the general questions asked are enough to match supplements to a person's lifestyle. 

Additionally, personalized subscriptions are almost always more expensive than a single multivitamin. You're paying for the 'personalized' aspect of it, which can up the price quite a bit. 

Personalized Vitamin Packs

Personalized vitamin packs are the most common form of personalized vitamin subscriptions. It's easy for companies to send out a month's supply of whatever supplements a customer ordered, combining them into a single package. 

However, these supplements are almost always in the form of a pill, meaning you end up having to take multiple pills every day. For people that dislike pills or have trouble swallowing them, this can be an obstacle to getting the nutrients they need. 

The Better Family Liquid Multivitamin is a great alternative to taking pills. It combines multiple vitamins and minerals into an easy liquid formula. After adding it to your drink, all you have to do is drink it, and you've taken your multivitamin. 

We do understand that some individuals prefer personalized vitamin subscriptions. For them, we've compiled a list of the best vitamin packs available online. 

The Best Personalized Vitamin Packs

If you're interested in getting a personalized vitamin subscription, there's a lot of conflicting information out there. We want to help you compare some of the most popular options in one place so you can find the best personalized vitamin pack for you. Here are three of the most commonly recommended personalized vitamin subscriptions.


Perhaps the most well-known personalized vitamin subscription is Care/Of vitamins. Care/Of is a popular company that has grown quickly over the past few years (2). To sign up, you head over to their website, take the Care/Of vitamins quiz, and they tell you what vitamins you should take. 

Then, you add those vitamins to your cart and create your monthly subscription pack. Though they recommend certain vitamins, you don't have to order any that you don't want. Your personalization isn't set in stone. 

Over on Trustpilot, Care/Of vitamins reviews show a 4.6-star rating with more than 1,800 reviews (3). They're overwhelmingly positive, with most rating the company as excellent or great. 

The biggest downside to Care/Of is the price. Because you pay for each supplement, the cost can add up quickly. It's hard to pinpoint an average price since each pack varies in makeup and cost. 

The quiz usually recommends people a few vitamins, though how much you'll pay depends on the specific vitamins and supplements. Most vitamins are between 5 and 12 dollars for a 30 day supply, meaning you probably won't pay more than 30 dollars for the month.

However, compared to most other personalized vitamin packs, Care/Of is relatively inexpensive. If you're looking for an affordable personalized vitamin subscription, this is probably the best option for you. 

Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition is another popular personalized vitamin subscription, and it has a lot in common with Care/Of (4). They operate on a similar model. Customers take a quiz to match their vitamins to their lifestyle and build their own subscription pack. 

Persona vitamins reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive, though there are more negative ones than Care/Of. With a 4.3-star rating and more than 5,000 reviews, most people found their experience with Persona Nutrition to be excellent or great (5). 

The complaints that were there were focused on pricing more than the Persona nutrition quality. While Persona shares a lot of characteristics with Care/Of, they're much more expensive. 

Business Insider reviewed Persona vitamins, and while they recommended the company, the cost might be enough to put people off. The reviewer's 28-day supply of 9 supplements cost them 86 dollars (6). That's about 3 dollars a day, though the reviewer claims some subscriptions might be as little as one dollar a day. 

Persona vitamins are well-reviewed, so if you have the money, it's a good option for your monthly vitamins. You can get vitamins that match your lifestyle delivered to your door every month.

Vous Vitamins

Started by two doctors, one an internal medicine physician and the other an endocrinologist, Vous Vitamins takes a unique route in personalized vitamins. They combine the recommended nutrients for each customer into a single capsule that you take twice daily (7). 

Unlike Care/Of and Persona Nutrition, you only have to take one pill with Vous Vitamins. You're essentially getting a personalized multivitamin that meets your nutritional needs. 

While the only reviews on their website are 5 stars, most individual reviews seem to rate Vous Vitamins relatively well. The biggest downside is, once again, the cost. 

Vous Vitamins offers a month trial for 40 dollars, which is more expensive than Care/Of but more affordable than Persona Nutrition. However, you do have to consider that they're creating a multivitamin for you. You aren't buying an already-made product. 

Ritual Vitamins

Ritual Vitamins is a company that offers a supplement between personalized packs and an all-in-one solution (8). They separate their multivitamins based on age and sex, based on the idea that everyone in a certain age group will have the same basic nutritional needs.

While Ritual Vitamins are about the same price as most personalized packs, they're still more expensive than Better Family's Liquid Multivitamin. It costs about 30 dollars a month, though they offer some bundles for households with multiple people. 

All of their multivitamins are vegan friendly, gluten and major allergen-free, and non-GMO. They don't contain any artificial colorants or synthetic fillers. If you're looking for a slightly personalized multivitamin, then check out Ritual Vitamins. 

The company started as a vitamin company specifically for women, but they've expanded and now offer multiple multivitamins. Their categories include the following, with further breakdowns for age groups:

  • Ritual Vitamins for kids
  • Ritual Vitamins for women
  • Ritual Vitamins for men
  • Ritual Vitamins prenatal
  • Ritual Vitamins postnatal

Their website boasts a 4-star or higher rating from customers for each of their multivitamins. While Ritual vitamins reviews are overwhelmingly positive, a few mention a bad taste or burping after taking the vitamin. 

Overall, however, Ritual Vitamins is a good option for people who want a multivitamin that matches them. They're about the same price as personalized vitamin packs, depending on the pack. 

If you're trying to get supplements for your whole family, you might want to reconsider Ritual Vitamins. The same problems that come with personalized vitamin packs affect Ritual Vitamins. 

Getting the right multivitamins for each member of your family could end up costing you more than a hundred dollars, and they're still in pill form. If you need an easy-to-take, affordable supplement, try Better Family's Liquid multivitamin instead. 


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