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  • Iodine can be found in a balanced diet, but for people with hypothyroidism and other thyroid issues it can be helpful to take an iodine supplement.
  • Nascent iodine is one of the highest-performing and most dependable types of iodine supplements.
  • Seafood is rich in iodine, but if you’re not a fan of seafood you can also get your daily iodine intake from foods like milk, cheese, and eggs.

Liquid Iodine Supplement

Iodine is a mineral that can help maintain the health and function of your thyroid gland (1), which is a butterfly-shaped organ that’s located in the neck. When it comes to producing hormones that regulate growth and metabolism, the thyroid is key. Iodine is a big help to the thyroid gland because it acts as a function for the main two thyroid hormones -  triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). If you have too little iodine, it can result in a low thyroid hormone in your blood. And low thyroid hormones can lead to neck swelling, fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, problems regulating body temperature, and weight gain - none of which sound too great to us. 

While iodine is found naturally in a variety of foods (like seafood, dairy products, and eggs), there are certain groups of people who still don’t get enough iodine in their diet, and are at risk for deficiency. These people are:

  • Pregnant people
  • People living in areas with iodine-depleted soil 
  • Strict vegans/vegetarians
  • People who don’t consume/consume enough iodized salt

These types of people can be helped by iodine supplements. People tend to lean towards ingesting iodine in the form of a liquid iodine supplement because it’s simple, it’s quick, and it integrates well into almost any routine. 

The best liquid iodine supplement is Nascent Iodine (2). The reason that this form is so well-liked is because it holds an electromagnetic charge that makes for a larger release of energy once it’s consumed, and it’s also very similar to the precursor form of iodine that’s converted into thyroid hormones. Because of this, it’s easy for your body to recognize and therefore absorb. Many forms of liquid iodine contain alcohol, but not this kind, as it’s pure and certified-organic. 

Nascent Iodine

Now that we’re on the subject of Nascent iodine, you might be wondering - what is nascent iodine used for? Like any other iodine supplement, it’s used to maintain and improve the health and function of the thyroid gland (3) - it just works at a level that’s a bit higher. Since Nascent iodine can be absorbed by the body at a quicker and more efficient rate than other types of iodine, it has the potential to be utilized even better by the body. The thyroid finds it easier to maintain homeostasis when receiving Nascent iodine because it has the right amount of iodine that it needs to carry out the physiological processes that it’s supposed to. 

There are plenty of Nascent iodine benefits as well. First of all, it has the ability to slow the uptake of goitrogenic halogens, which are environmental dietary, or medicinal toxins that can disrupt the thyroid’s normal function. They prevent the thyroid from absorbing iodine, which makes it impossible for the thyroid to produce the correct hormones. Unless you’re consuming enough iodine, halogens are instead absorbed by the thyroid - but Nascent iodine can prevent this from happening by keeping the thyroid saturated with iodine. 

Another benefit from Nascent iodine is that it can aid with weight loss. People with iodine deficiencies have low energy and a slow metabolism, which can lead to weight gain. Boosting your iodine levels can help counteract this. 

Nascent iodine can also help with brain function as well. It also has the capability to improve your mood, reduce brain fog, and balance hormones. And finally, Nascent iodine can boost immunity and resist harmful organisms. It acts as an antioxidant as it looks for free radicals and counteracts their effects that can cause oxidative cell damage. Because of this, the immune system gets a boost. 

How to take Nascent iodine (4) is important to know. To improve the taste, you can put liquid iodine into fruit juice, milk, or broth - and this will also make it easier on your stomach if you have a sensitive system. 

There are no notable Nascent iodine dangers, as it’s safe for most people - but to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it for your body, check with your health provider before incorporating it into your life. 

Iodine Rich Foods

It’s clear by now that iodine is available in supplement form, but it’s also available in foods that you see everyday. Some of the most iodine rich foods (5) include: 

  • Cod
  • Halibut
  • Pollock
  • Crab
  • Scallops
  • Squid
  • Tuna
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs

As you can see, some of the best iodine foods come from the sea - but if you’re someone who isn’t a fan of seafood, there are still some iodine-rich options for you. While you may be wondering - what vegetables are high in iodine? The unfortunate answer is that fruits and vegetables are not the greatest sources of iodine (6) simply because the amount of iodine they hold depends on the soil in which they grow. But out of all other vegetables, lima beans are the best source of iodine. 

But if you don’t love seafood, you can still choose iodine rich foods like eggs. How much iodine in eggs, you may wonder. Eggs are a great source of iodine, as one large egg contains 24mcg of iodine (7), which is 16% of the daily value. 

And who doesn’t love salt? How much iodine in salt might be the next question on the forefront of your mind, and the answer to that question is that ¼ teaspoon of iodized salt has 71mcg of iodine, which is about 47% of the daily recommended iodine intake. 

Should I Take Iodine Supplements

After all this talk about iodine supplements, you might be wondering: Should I take iodine supplements? The truth of the matter is that we can’t answer that question for you definitively, but we can tell you that your doctor might recommend some form of supplements if your iodine levels are low (8). The way that this is checked is through a urine test, and if the results come back that you are deficient in some way, your doctor may recommend that you incorporate an iodine supplement into your daily routine. 

If you find that you are a good candidate for an iodine supplement, you might ask: Should I take iodine at night or morning? We find that taking iodine earlier in the day works better (9), as taking it too late in the day can make it difficult to relax and get to sleep when it comes time for bed. And if you’re wondering should I take iodine with or without food, the answer differs a little bit for everyone. Some people like to take it first thing in the morning before they consume any food, some like to take it after getting a little food in their systems, and some people take it on a full stomach. It all depends on your unique body and your preferences. 

Regarding the question should iodine and selenium be taken together, the suggestion is to start taking selenium about a week before you incorporate iodine into your routine. The reason for this is that a certain amount of selenium is needed for iodine to work properly, and having a good amount in your system will give the iodine something to work with. 

How Much Iodine Per Day

How much iodine per day that you should take is something that’s very essential to know when contemplating this mineral. The answer is that adults need about 140mcg of iodine a day (10). How much is too much iodine per day is anything above 0.5mg over the 140mcg recommended intake. When you consistently take too much iodine in a day, it has the potential to alter the way that your thyroid gland works - and this could lead to symptoms like weight gain. 

How long does it take for iodine supplements to leave the body is another common question that many people have. The only place that iodine builds up is in the thyroid gland (11), as that’s where it does its work. Besides that place, the body excretes the rest of it within 24 hours. And regarding how long does it take for iodine supplements to work - you can expect to see its effects and benefits related to hypothyroidism almost immediately. If you have a more severe condition like Hashimoto’s, though, it could take much longer for iodine’s effects to be noticeable - maybe months or even years. 

Best Iodine Supplement

While the best iodine supplements for thyroid aren’t necessarily in liquid form, there are plenty of great ones out there. The top of the line when it comes to thyroid help is called Thorne Iodine and Tyrosine (1), and the reason it’s so great is because it supports thyroid health by using a combination of 225mcg of potassium iodide and 500mg of tyrosine, which is an amino acid that your body uses to produce thyroid hormones. This supplement is sugar-free and free of artificial sweeteners as well. You can also count on it to be free of gluten, wheat, tree nuts, dairy, and soy. 

When it comes to the best iodine supplement for vegans, it’s important to consider what sort of products that vegans are restricted from eating due to their diet. The best iodine supplement for this group of people is called Standard Process’ Prolamine Iodine supplement, and it provides 600mcg of iodine and 30mg of calcium in each capsule. This supplement is tested for purity and potency on an average of six times before it’s sent to the market, which means that you can count on it to be a high quality product. If you’re already taking a calcium supplement, consult your doctor before incorporating this supplement into your diet. 

The best iodine supplements for people with hypothyroidism are important to know, as these are people who can benefit greatly from a higher dose of iodine. The best iodine supplement for hypothyroidism is Life Extension Sea Iodine, and that’s because it’s a high-dose iodine supplement. Each capsule provides 1,000mcg of iodine, along with a combination of kelp and potassium iodide. The ingredients of this supplement are intensely studied and the facilities that they’re manufactured in are NSF International certified. Along with the supplement, Life Extension Sea Iodine also sends you a certificate of analysis with every batch of supplements that they produce, so you can see exactly what’s in the product that you bought and are consuming.


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