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  • Liquid multivitamins pack all the necessary nutrients your family needs into one convenient solution with no mineral-y flavor, making them perfect the pickiest of eaters.
  • Liquid vitamins are the best way to ensure your body absorbs the entire dosage in your supplement each time.
  • Besides flavorless multivitamins, there are also a variety of individual tasteless vitamins you can choose from to fill in specific dietary deficiencies.

Liquid Vitamins For Toddlers

If you’ve ever tried to give your children chewable vitamins or tablets, you know how quickly it can turn into a stand-off. And, despite the necessity of vitamins, it’s hard to blame your kids for disliking them, as they very rarely have an agreeable taste, even to most adults. Many chewable vitamins and even some vitamin powders can tend to taste chalk-y or mineral-y, making them hard to stomach, especially on a daily basis. Luckily, there is a solution available for even the pickiest of eaters in the form of unflavored liquid vitamins.

A flavorless liquid multivitamin, as its name implies, has little or no detectable flavor when taken. It can be added to a favorite drink to disguise the supplement entirely or even just taken on its own. Tasteless liquid vitamins for toddlers and for all ages come in various forms, the most efficient of which often being liquid drops. Liquid drops are typically supplements for individual vitamins and minerals (though flavourless multivitamin drops are also available) that can be easily dispensed directly onto the tongue or into a beverage to provide you or your loved ones with a boost of that particular nutrient. If your child has a deficiency in one certain type of vitamin or mineral, such as a zinc deficiency or a vitamin C deficiency, liquid drops are the best form of flavorless liquid vitamins for toddlers to solve that problem. 

Multivitamins For Kids

Multivitamins in particular are an extremely convenient and efficient way to provide your kids and your whole family with a boost of nutrition. Regardless of age, most people experience nutritional gaps in their diet. These gaps arise when you either do not eat a balanced enough diet to pull in all the various micronutrients your body needs or the food you eat simply lacks nutritional value. Studies have shown that the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables has been declining for the past 50 years (1). With hectic schedules in your family and the food quality at the grocery store being less than desired, it may be time to consider adding a multivitamin to your family’s routine.

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A multivitamin contains a carefully crafted combination of the various vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. Common ingredients in multivitamin formulas include vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K as well as minerals such as selenium, iron, zinc, and chromium (2). Each of these micronutrients plays a vital role in the functioning of your body’s systems, so you need to ensure that you and your loved ones consume enough of them every day. If your child has a deficiency of any kind or another pre-existing health condition, they may require a specific type of toddler multivitamin, and you should always consult your physician before giving them a new supplement. However, since most people have the same nutritional gaps in their diet across their entire lifespan, the best multivitamins for kids are often the same multivitamins you give to your whole family.

If you’re interested in specifically finding vitamins for toddlers under 2, there are various types available. For anyone who typically sticks to a vegan or otherwise very natural diet, the best organic vitamins for toddlers will include 100% natural ingredients without any added chemicals, preservatives, or GMO’s, so be sure to read the label carefully when making your selection. There are also gummy vitamins for toddlers under 2, which may be a fan-favorite as far as taste, but the added sugar in them can be cause for concern with some parents. The best powder multivitamin for toddlers will be one that dissolves entirely into their favorite juice without any chalk-y or mineral-y flavors that will make them turn up their nose. However, as we will discuss in the next section, the best form of multivitamin for kids and all members of the family is a liquid multivitamin.

Liquid Multivitamin For Toddlers

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A liquid multivitamin for toddlers is without a doubt the best solution for parents seeking to boost their child’s nutrient intake. In general, liquid multivitamins represent the most efficient source of nutrients for people of all ages, thanks to their fast absorption rates. The nutrients in solid supplements, such as chewables and capsules, are encased within a barrier that must first be broken down before your body can reach the dosage inside and absorb it. This added digestion step can have a huge impact on the amount of time it takes for your body to absorb the supplement, sometimes even resulting in the dosage leaving your body before it has been fully absorbed (3). Liquid multivitamins eliminate this problem entirely by circumventing the need for digestion. The nutrients present in the formula are already in their liquid forms, rendering it much easier for your body to absorb them into your bloodstream and make the most of each dosage you take. This is true across all ages, especially for anyone suffering from digestive issues.

Another benefit of liquid vitamins and minerals when it comes to kids in particular is that they are much easier to swallow than pills and capsules. Savvy parents may even be able to sneak a liquid vitamin into their child’s drink without their knowledge, completely circumventing the fuss that sometimes comes along with giving your kids supplements or healthy foods. Liquid vitamins also avoid the added sugar that gummy vitamins often have as well as the unpleasant, mineral-y taste associated with other chewable tablets. Packed full of only the vitamins and minerals your child needs without additional sugars or fillers, liquid vitamins represent the perfect source of nutrients for every family.

As we mentioned, the best liquid multivitamin for toddlers will likely be the same as the multivitamin for the whole family, as long as there are no pre-existing health conditions involved. The best liquid multivitamin for 1 year old toddlers will have largely identical ingredients to liquid vitamins for toddlers age 2, liquid vitamins for toddlers age 3, and so on because the basic nutritional needs for the human body are practically constant throughout most of our lifespans. As we mentioned before, the best organic liquid multivitamin for toddlers will utilize only fresh ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives. 

Odorless, Lightly Flavored Vitamins

Although a flavourless multivitamin represents the most convenient way to give your body its daily nutrients in an all-in-one solution, there are also plenty of individual tasteless vitamins available to fill in specific gaps or deficiencies that you or your family members experience. In fact, odorless, tasteless vitamins are great for any member of the family regardless of age, especially any teenage or adult picky-eaters. Even the pickiest of eaters can’t turn up their noses at a completely flavorless vitamin, free from the chalk-y, mineral-y taste of most chewable supplements. 

We recommend liquid vitamins as the most efficient form of supplement for maximum absorption, but you can also try out tasteless powder vitamins, which can be mixed into water or any of your favorite beverages for a hassle-free and flavor-free way of consuming your supplements. One particularly useful form of vitamin powder is flavorless vitamin C powder, which is typically marketed as a quick remedy for the common cold. Often sold in convenient packets that can be taken on-the-go and added into anything from your water bottle to your soft drink at a restaurant, vitamin C powder allows you to give your immune system the boost it needs to fight off germs and keep you safe while out and about or traveling (4). 


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