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Simplify Your Routine

Better Family is the Replenishment Subscription that arrives exactly when your household needs it - no buildup or waiting.



Same product, adjusted dosage

Liquid Daily fills the most commonly missing nutritional gaps for all ages and sexes, making it easy to build a daily routine of supplemental health support for every member of your household just by adjusting dosages!

Adults (18+)

Daily Dosage: 2 mL

Kids & Teens (4 - 17)

Daily Dosage: 1 mL

Toddlers (1 - 3)

Daily Dosage: 0.5 mL


What you need, when you need it

Better Family is a Replenishment Subscription. Rather than receiving your new supply at the same time every month, you will be billed for and receive a new delivery every 30-60 days based on the size of your household!

Custom Schedule

You'll be on a custom and adjustable delivery schedule based on your household size.

Avoid Backlog

By not sending products every month, we avoid the dreaded subscription product build-up in your pantry.

Nutrition on Autopilot

Pause or adjust your subscription any time to get on the perfect schedule to fill gaps in your family diet!


How will you receive Liquid Daily?

The amount of Liquid Daily that you receive and how often you receive your shipment will depend on your household size. 

Household SizeProduct AmountDelivery ScheduleDelivery Cost
(1 Adult)
One 4 oz. bottle
Every 60 Days$84.99 / Delivery
*15% subscription discount applied
(2 Adults)
One 4 oz. & one 1 oz. bottle
Every 30 Days$101.99 / Delivery
*15% subscription discount applied
(2 Adults & 2 Kids)
Two 4 oz. bottles
Every 30 Days$127.49 / Delivery
*15% subsription discount applied

Better Health.

Better Immunity.

Better Focus.


Free Shipping

One Convenient Subscription

Custom Household Schedule

Pause or Cancel Any Time