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  • Maintain and build upon healthy habits created in the summer, such as exercise routines or diet plans, by finding creative ways to carry them forward into the winter season.
  • Making meals together as a family or as a couple is a great way to encourage healthy eating and build up your body’s stores of nutrients by utilizing in season fruits and vegetables.
  • Stay active and head outside as much as you can to engage in outdoor sports, walks, decorating, chores, or even playing in the snow.
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3 Exciting Family Activities In The Winter To Keep Everyone Healthy

Many people would refer to summer as the season of fun, right? After all, sunny days are the perfect opportunity to get outside and do the things you enjoy with the people you love. But despite the biting weather of the winter, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the colder months of the year as well, especially when spending quality time with your loved ones. In fact, doing lots of family activities in the winter is a great way not only to cure boredom, but also to help everyone maintain their healthy habits from the summer and remain active, even when the weather outside is frightful.

In this article, we will discuss countless winter activities for families to stay healthy and spend time together this season. Adults, children, and teenagers alike can all find enjoyment from these simple yet fun ideas, providing perfect opportunities to build and strengthen the bonds between all members of the family. Whether you have a particularly active family or one that prefers more casual fun, we have tons of options for you, ranging from indoor winter activities for families to outdoor winter activities for families. Read on to discover your new favorite family pastime!

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"I give Liquid Daily to my daughter and she barely tastes it, even just added to water, which is great!"

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Why crush your pills when you can start with the effective and highly absorbable liquid multivitamin formulated for all?

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Winter Activities List

To kick things off, let’s first look at a winter activities list that centers specifically around wellness activities. These include both things to do on a cold day inside as well as outdoor winter activities, without snow or with it. Incorporating these activities into your regular winter routine can help your family spend more time together while encouraging everyone to develop healthy habits.

  • Make a meal together. Get creative as a family and try out a new recipe. This is an excellent opportunity to teach kids about nutrition and healthy eating along with some necessary cooking techniques. When kids are involved in the meal planning or meal making process, they may be more likely to try new dishes and engage with healthy food.
  • Take a family walk. Layer up and head outside for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a local park. This can be done early in the morning to get everyone energized for the day or in the evening as a means of relaxing and communicating. Make sure to dress appropriately and maybe even bring a warm drink with you.
  • Try winter sports. Ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, skiing, and more! Take your pick from any number of winter sports and give them a try as a family. In fact, going on a trip to a ski resort or lodge may be a great getaway for extra bonding and relaxation in the dull winter months.
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Winter Activities for Kids

Some of the most engaging winter activities for kids often take place outside. Playing outside in the winter is perfectly safe and a great way for children to unleash energy and stay active. Just remember to pay attention to the weather report and dress them up with an appropriate amount of layers, keeping in mind that babies and small children should typically wear one extra layer of clothing compared to adults (1).

Here are a few examples of outdoor winter activities that kids are sure to love:

  • Building forts and snowmen.
  • Scavenger hunts.
  • Helping shovel snow or decorate.
  • Snowball fights.
  • Outdoor sports: basketball, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, etc.

Many of these also make great winter activities for toddlers, who will enjoy the creativity of building in the snow as well as the opportunity to help out and imitate parents or older siblings while shoveling snow. Regardless of age, though, it is important to stay safe when spending time outside in the winter. Aside from dressing warmly, outdoor winter safety also includes staying hydrated, as you may be less likely to feel thirsty in cold temperatures (2). Contrary to popular belief, sunburns can occur in the winter as well, so you may want to apply sunscreen to the face, especially for young children with sensitive skin.

However, if the weather is too harsh or your child is not particularly fond of spending time out in the cold, you may be in need of some indoor activities for kids too. A cold day indoors can act as an excellent opportunity to start learning something new. Consider your child’s interests and find a new hobby for them to enjoy. Musical children may be intrigued by learning an instrument. Those interested in construction may love building models or making crafts. Children who enjoy reading may be interested in learning about another language or making up their own stories. Encourage their creativity and use a bad weather day to help them discover a new passion!

Indoor Activities for Adults

There are plenty of ways for adults to have fun in the winter too! You’ve probably had all the outdoor fun suggested to you already, like skiing, snowboarding, etc. But maybe you’re looking for a way to relax and have fun indoors, away from the bitter elements? You’re in luck! We have gathered together a list of fun indoor winter activities for adults to brighten up those dreary cold months:

  • Try some new recipes. Winter is the time for warm food and drinks to chase away the cold. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available in winter, including grapefruit, kiwis, mandarins, oranges, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower (3). These veggies in particular make an excellent addition to stews and casseroles. You can even try recreating some of your favorite restaurant coffee or tea orders in the comfort of your own home!
  • Take on a fresh hobby. Is there something you’ve always wanted to get into, but you never felt like you had the time? A cold winter night may be the perfect moment to finally try it out! Instruments, languages, painting, building, crafting, knitting. It’s easy to give any of these new activities a try, even while catching up on your favorite show.
  • Redecorate and rearrange. Winter can quickly make even the most open spaces feel stuffy when you’re stuck inside for long periods of time. Rearranging furniture allows you to get up and be active while also engaging your mind and refreshing your environment, hopefully boosting your mood or your motivation. Not to mention, decorating for the winter theme can be a fun way to get yourself and your family into the holiday spirit!

Everything is more fun with a partner, right? Many of these ideas make fun indoor winter activities for couples as well! Try surprising your partner with a new snack, drink, or meal you think they’ll like or indulge in a new hobby together. If you are trying out some healthy habits, like adjusting your diet, then eating together can make new foods more exciting and keep you both honest and on track.

Winter Activities for School

A great way to keep kids engaged in school during the winter months is by providing them with assignments and activities that delve into the winter theme. Winter activities for school and seasonal activities in general may make students feel excited to be involved, especially in activities that only take place once per year. We have broken down these ideas into a few age-related categories to cater to students at any point in their school career:

  • Winter activities for kindergarten: Print winter-themed coloring pages or even have children draw their own winter scenes and exchange with one another to color them in. Make cool crafts like paper snowflakes that encourage creativity and use them to decorate the classroom.
  • Winter activities for elementary students: Plan fun lessons centering around winter themes such as what causes snow and cold weather to occur or arctic animals like penguins, polar bears, snow leopards, etc. 
  • Winter activities for middle school students: Read together or assign books that fit the winter theme. Provide winter-themed logic puzzles, crosswords, or word searches.
  • Winter activities for high school students: Encourage creativity and exploration of students’ individual interests with winter-themed assignments. Challenge them to draw or paint a winter scene, write a short story centering around winter elements, or even take their own photos that capture the essence of winter in their eyes.

Winter Outdoor Activities Near Me

No matter where you live, you’re sure to find somewhere to engage in fun winter activities with the whole family. Even areas that don’t necessarily experience the traditional forms of winter weather, like cold fronts and snow, still offer opportunities to engage with this fun season.

Winter family activities near Texas, for example, might include exploring the Trail of Lights in Austin, a festival held in Zilker Park that showcases beautiful holiday light displays alongside food and music. You may also consider paying a visit to Big Bend National Park, located between San Antonia and El Paso. The typically scorching desert temperatures become much more bearable during the winter months, making it the perfect season to explore the park.

By simply searching up “winter family activities near me,” you should be met with a plethora of events and resorts where you can engage in winter-themed pastimes, sports, and more. Get out there and make the most of your winter season!


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