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Which Organic Liquid Children's Vitamins Are Best

Children need the same vitamins and nutrients that adults do in order to grow up healthy and strong, but while they may need the same type of nutrients, they don’t require the same amount that adults do. Because of this, children shouldn’t take adult multivitamins, and they have multivitamins that are all their own. 

Children are known for being notoriously picky about what they’ll consume, and this is a big reason as to why many kids don’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals that they need to function. While eating a balanced diet is the top choice for getting nutrients, when it’s just not possible, a liquid children’s vitamin can help. 

Liquid children’s vitamins contain 100% of the vitamins that a growing child’s body needs. These vitamins can fill in the gaps that exist in many kids’ diets and help their nutritional intake become more well-rounded and balanced. 

Why Liquid?

The best vitamins for kids are liquid vitamins, and that’s for a number of different reasons. While it’s true that most kids will gravitate towards gummy vitamins over anything else, gummies aren’t always a popular choice with parents. Because of the sugars, additives, and fillers that are known for being inside gummy vitamins, they can sometimes do more harm than good. Children tend to see them as candy (and it is possible to take too many gummy vitamins), and the sugar content can harm a child’s developing teeth. 

The body can absorb liquid vitamins much more efficiently. There’s nothing for the body to digest in the way of sugars and artificial flavors, so the nutrients can be absorbed directly into the body and take effect that much quicker. 

Like we stated before, children are known for being picky. Many won’t come near a vitamin if it has a bad taste or smell, and that’s another reason why liquid vitamins are the top contender. Some are odorless and tasteless, which means that you can incorporate them into your child’s existing diet without a fuss. 

The Best Organic Liquid Children’s Vitamins

There are many choices when it comes to what the best children’s liquid multivitamin is, and it can be difficult to discern what actually works from what doesn’t. We put together a list of the three best organic liquid children’s vitamins (1) so you can have an easier time deciding what’s best for your child. 

Kids Companion is the first option on the list, and it contains ingredients that include vitamins, herbs, and green tea extract. With every teaspoon of Natrol Liquid Kids Companion, your child gets 100% or more of the amount of vitamins C, D, and E that they need. For children who don’t spend enough time outside and who don’t get enough exposure to the sun, getting that amount of vitamin D is essential. This supplement also includes the B vitamins and 50% of the daily amount of vitamin A that children need. It also includes greens like hesperidin, alfalfa, peppermint, and spinach, which can help to round out a picky eater’s diet. The flavors you can find in this supplement are created by vanilla and berries, and it’s sweetened with brown rice syrup - a natural sweetener. 

Intrakid is the next brand on the list, and it’s a natural supplement for kids that comes in raspberry flavor. It contains 100% of almost every vitamin that children need, along with calcium, iron, and zinc. There are no synthetic chemicals in this supplement, and it contains enzymes, probiotics, fruits, herbs, and amino acids - so your child is getting everything that they need for a well-rounded diet and more. Some other nutrients included in this supplement are omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants (from grape seed extract), lutein and lycopene, and citrus bioflavonoids. Drucker Labs, the creator of this supplement, says that children may see benefits like improved mental focus, better digestion, growth support, and boosted immunity. 

The last brand of multivitamin is Essentials Childlife. Essentials Childlife Multi-vitamin and Mineral comes in an orange mango flavor and is focused on supporting immunity and brain function for kids. This company states that this supplement can help to round out children’s diets who eat foods grown in nutrient-depleted soil, and it allows them to get all the vitamins and minerals that they need to thrive. With every two teaspoons of this supplement, you can find 100% of the daily amount of vitamin C, E, B2, B6, and B12 that children need, along with a smaller amount of other important vitamins. This supplement doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and it’s also free of any wheat or dairy content. If children so choose, they can take this supplement by itself, or add it to their favorite drink. 


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