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Is Vitamin D Better In Liquid Or Pill Form?

For many people, vitamin D can be a difficult nutrient to supply to your body. Unlike many other nutrients that are obtained through your diet, this unique vitamin is generated when a protein in your skin reacts with sunlight. If you live in an area that rarely has sunny weather or you simply do not have the opportunity to spend time outdoors as much as you would like, you may be predisposed to developing a vitamin D deficiency. Taking a multivitamin regularly that contains vitamin D alongside a host of other nutrients can help reduce this risk by guaranteeing that your body always has a sufficient amount on-hand. 

However, the growth of the supplements market has led to an increase in the number of available options to an almost overwhelming degree. Not only are there different brands, but there are also different forms of supplements you can take, ranging from pills to gummies to liquids and more. So, which is the best form for you? Is liquid vitamin D better than pills, or is it the other way around? We believe that liquid supplements are generally a better fit for most families than their solid alternatives, and here’s why!

Safer Consumption for the Whole Family

Perhaps one of the most common aversions to supplements is the problem of dysphagia. Dysphagia is a health condition that results in difficulty swallowing, and it may arise for a number of reasons. About 15 million adult Americans suffer from dysphagia, especially elderly individuals whose throat muscles may have weakened due to aging (1). When you experience difficulty swallowing, you may think taking supplements is impossible, but this is mainly the case with pills. Anyone should be able to swallow a liquid vitamin with ease, the same way you would drink a glass of water. In fact, many liquid formulas can be added to a glass of water or another beverage to disguise their taste as well, making consumption even easier.

Adults are not the only ones who may have difficulty swallowing pills. Children are also at an increased risk of choking when taking supplements, as they have a much smaller windpipe which can easily become blocked if a pill lodges inside it. Not to mention, most children are not typically keen on taking pills since it can be a somewhat unpleasant experience. Liquid vitamins that can be easily swallowed on their own or added to a drink are an excellent and safe choice for younger children, seniors, and adults alike.

Better Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the human body. As you might imagine, this is extremely important when it comes to supplements. The main purpose of any vitamin or mineral supplement is to provide your body with an extra dosage of nutrients that it can easily absorb to boost the nutritional value you already receive from your normal diet. If the ingredients in your supplement are not bioavailable, then absorption rates will decline, perhaps leading some of your nutrients to end up down the drain.

The nutrients in liquid vitamins tend to be more bioavailable than those in pills. When taking pills, your body must first break down a barrier to even gain access to the nutrients and begin to absorb them. This step itself creates a hiccup in the process that can greatly affect the overall efficiency of absorption. Additionally, pills and solid supplements tend to have nutrients of lower concentrations compared to liquid supplements. A study comparing the vitamin concentrations of a liquid and a solid supplement found that the liquid supplement not only reached its peak concentration in a shorter amount of time, but it also had a higher concentration overall (2). With more highly concentrated vitamins in your system, your body is more likely to make use of them in the way you intended.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are always taking a healthy amount of vitamin D and other vital nutrients is to take a liquid multivitamin. Better Family’s Liquid Daily Multivitamin is a standout choice, as it contains higher concentrations of nutrients than other competitors without sacrificing taste or quality. In fact, we have done the research to ensure that only the highest quality forms of each nutrient make it into our unique formula. On top of the daily recommended amount of vitamin D, our diverse blend includes all of the B complex vitamins, vitamins A, E, and K, and important minerals like iodine, selenium, and chromium. This all-in-one liquid solution can be consumed sublingually and also contains an organic fruit blend for an added punch of antioxidants and a vibrant reddish color that your kids are sure to love. Both safe and effective, our Liquid Daily Multivitamin is a great choice for any household and can be given to family members of all ages.


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