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How to Take Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops

Even if you’re not a health nut, you’re probably familiar with Vitamin D. You may even know Vitamin D’s nickname - the sunshine vitamin! Vitamin D is sometimes called this because human bodies naturally produce vitamin D after being exposed to sunlight for an adequate period of time. What you may not have known is that there are actually two different types of Vitamin D - D3, which is found in animals and naturally produced by humans, and D2, which is plant-based. 

Even though humans naturally produce Vitamin D3, many people’s bodies do not produce a sufficient amount of Vitamin D - leading to a Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms can include frequent illness, weakened immune system, poor bone strength, fatigue, and poor bone density. In people that often work indoors or rarely spend a lot of time outside, taking a liquid vitamin D supplement can be beneficial to their health. Why liquid, you ask? Liquid vitamin D3 drops can be more effective faster when you take them sublingually (under the tongue) - compared to taking them in a pill or capsule! 

While there are many Vitamin D3 foods available, such as tuna, salmon, egg yolk, sardine, and beef liver - not everyone wants to fortify their Vitamin D intake through their diet. How many times have you cooked up a hearty portion of beef liver for dinner? Taking a vitamin D3 oral solution such as Liquid Daily allows people to supplement their health with many vitamins at once - and in whatever flavor they choose. 

Vitamin D3 Benefits for Men

While vitamin D is essential for optimal health in all people groups, there are specific Vitamin D3 benefits for men. Vitamin D3 aids calcium absorption in the gut, as well as promotes calcium in the body overall. This helps to keep bones healthy and prevent spasms and cramps in muscles. Some studies also link testosterone health to the levels of Vitamin D in the body. In adult men and women, ensuring that your body is activating a healthy amount of Vitamin D3 can prevent osteomalacia, which is also known as “soft bones.” In children, this is known as rickets, and in the elderly population, it is known as osteoporosis. In order to prevent these diseases, a healthy intake of Vitamin D is necessary. 

Every man’s body is different, and therefore the requirements of ensuring that the proper amount of Vitamin D is being absorbed by the body is also different. Physicians recommend that people should spend between five and thirty minutes outside in the sun without sunscreen to absorb the proper amount of Vitamin D. However, those with darker skin may need to have more sun exposure. Additionally, too much sun exposure may lead to sunburn, which carries an increased risk of skin cancer, so it is important to know your own body’s limits. Due to the variability of factors like this, many people choose to take Vitamin D in a supplemental form. Many physicians recommend Vitamin D3 specifically, over Vitamin D2. This is because Vitamin D3 is the one that is naturally produced by the human body. 

Vitamin D3 Benefits for Women

While women should also ensure that they are activating a healthy amount of vitamin D3, there are unique vitamin D3 benefits for women. Women should particularly supplement their diet with Vitamin D3 when they are pregnant, as calcium loss can be common during pregnancy. Vitamin D is essential in building healthy immune systems and fighting off diseases and can be effective in preventing several types of arthritis and cancer. As men and women age, the recommended level of Vitamin D intake is increased, as poor bone health is common adversity in older age. 

The recommended vitamin d3 dosage for adults is six hundred IUs or international units. After men and women reach age 71, the recommended dosage is eight hundred international units. When taking in a liquid form such as Liquid Daily, dosage recommendations are on the bottle. Liquid Daily contains the same amount of Vitamin D as about 6.25 ounces of trout, which is a fatty fish good for implementing Vitamin D in a diet. 

Liquid Multi-vitamin Subscriptions

Vitamin D is vital in living an active, healthy, and long life. Many other vitamins are also necessary to sustain human life that many people do not activate adequately through their diet or other lifestyle practices. Many people have full and busy lives or have a large family, each member with their own schedule and responsibilities. Utilizing a subscription service like the one offered by Better Family means that your household gets all of the essential vitamins that they need, delivered monthly, right to your door. 

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