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How To Choose The Best Tasting Liquid Children's Vitamins

It’s essential that children get all the vitamins and minerals that they need to grow up healthy and strong - but in many cases, it doesn’t happen. For some children, eating a well-balanced diet is simple and straightforward, and these kids don’t typically need supplementation with a multivitamin. But for other children who are picky eaters or those who find it difficult to eat a well-rounded diet for whatever reason, multivitamins can be a huge help. Supplementing your child’s lacking diet with a liquid children’s vitamin could fill nutritional gaps and give you as the parent a little peace of mind. 

Dietitians tend to prefer that children get the vitamins and minerals that they need through the food that they eat, but they also understand that that isn’t possible for every child. Special situations like extremely picky eaters, children who have strict dietary restrictions, children who aren’t growing well, vegan children, or children with extreme allergies may call for supplementation - and that is not an admission of defeat! Children’s liquid vitamins are simply a tool that you can use to help boost the health of your child. 

Who Benefits From A Multivitamin?

Before incorporating a multivitamin into your child’s diet, it’s important to talk it over with their doctor. Taking too much of a vitamin can be harmful for children and adults alike, so you want to make sure that the supplement is something that your child genuinely needs, and that they’re taking the children’s version. A child taking an adult’s multivitamin could end up with too much of certain vitamins and minerals, and that could harm their system. 

Some children may not need a multivitamin and could instead benefit from a specific vitamin. For example, a vitamin D3 supplement could support children who don’t get enough vitamin D in their diet from dairy products or dairy substitutions. 

Choosing Vitamins That Taste Good

The issue with using vitamins to supplement a picky child’s diet is that your child probably already has a hangup with certain tastes, and they’re no more likely to take a foul-tasting vitamin than they are to eat a foul-tasting (at least, in their opinion) food. Because of this, it’s beyond necessary to find a vitamin that tastes good. 

This article will be concentrating on liquid children’s vitamins because they have the best absorption rate within the body - there are no fillers, additives, or anything artificial for the body to digest, so they can be absorbed right into the system and take effect much more quickly. Another benefit of liquid vitamins is that some of them are completely tasteless, so if your child is averse to a wide array of flavors, they won’t have to experience anything unpleasant with liquid vitamins. 

Choosing the best tasting liquid vitamins depends on two processes: trial and error and word of mouth. The most you can do is go online and read reviews surrounding children’s liquid vitamins to see what worked for other people’s children. And once you find a good group of vitamins that seem trustworthy (like the two we’ll share shortly), you can try them out with your child to see what works. If one liquid vitamin doesn’t work and gets pushed away, all you can do is keep trying. 

But we’ve done some of the legwork and gathered two of the best tasting liquid children’s vitamins, so you have a good place to start. 

The Best Tasting Liquid Children’s Vitamins

The first on the list of best tasting liquid children’s vitamins is ChildLife Essentials Children’s Multivitamin & Mineral. This option is for children who need an all-around vitamin, as it contains 16 key nutrients. This liquid multivitamin is easy to serve - you can give it to your child by the spoonful, by a syringe, or add it to a beverage or their yogurt. It can be given to children as young as 6 months, and up to 12 years of age. It comes in a natural orange/mango flavor that is popular with many children. Be forewarned it does include five grams of added sugar per serving, and while that does improve the taste, it can be a dealbreaker for some parents. 

The second option on the list (2) is the best choice for babies and toddlers, and it’s NovaFerrum Yum! Multivitamin with Iron. Liquid multivitamins are a great choice for toddlers who are prone to choking and babies who don’t have their chewing skill down yet. This supplement delivers two nutrients that babies and toddlers need more of in many cases - vitamin D and iron - along with many others. It comes in a natural raspberry and grape flavor, which goes over well with many children. It’s sweetened with monk fruit extract with no added sugars. 


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