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Are Vitamin Subscription Services Worth It?

If you’re someone who cares about your health and wellness, then you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time researching vitamins and supplements that can help you reach peak health.

If you’ve been keeping up on trends related to vitamin packs, you’ll know that the latest craze revolves around vitamin subscription services. These are offered by companies like Care/of, Baze, Rootine, Persona Nutrition, and your very own BetterFamily. 

When a vitamin subscription contains personalized vitamins, it can help you avoid the ‘one size fits all’ multivitamin that you can find at your local supermarket. The best personalized vitamin packs create a regimen of supplements meant specifically for the user, gleaning information from online quizzes or even blood/DNA samples that the user sends in. This information allows the company to know more about the consumer so they can assign a supplement that works for them more effectively than a general multivitamin. 

There are two questions to address in this article. The first one is: Are vitamin subscriptions worth it? And the second has to do with personalized vitamins packs - are they worth all the hype the media gives them? 

General Vitamin Subscriptions

At BetterFamily, we offer one of the best vitamin packs for men and women. The dosage of Liquid Daily is customizable to anyone who lives under your roof - so you, your teenagers, and your toddlers can take the same supplement, just different amounts of it. 

There are plenty of other vitamin subscriptions that look like ours. We are not necessarily a personalized vitamin subscription; this type of supplement is the best vitamin subscription if your family is generally healthy, but could use an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to fill in the gaps. Liquid Daily, like other vitamin subscriptions, is filled with nutrients that many people across the nation are lacking. 

So, is this type of subscription worth it? If you’re someone who constantly forgets to buy a new bottle when your vitamins run out, it’s definitely worth your time and money to check out a monthly subscription. Your vitamins get delivered right to your door once a month, so you don’t have to put any thought into heading out and buying more when you run out. 

Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions 

Now, it’s time to talk about personalized vitamin subscriptions. Research says (1) that a supplement from a personalized vitamin subscription is likely safer and more beneficial than picking up a general multivitamin from the supermarket. One of the reasons why these personalized vitamins are so effective is because they’re potent. Traditional multivitamins tend to cram a bunch of ingredients into their supplement, all of their levels too low to do much of anything at all. With a personalized vitamin, you’re getting a full dose of the vitamin because it’s filling up the entire capsule. 

What’s also great about choosing a personalized vitamin subscription is the fact that, since it’s tailored right to you, there’s nothing included that you don’t need. This allows for a higher dosage of supplements that your body can benefit from. 

There are even more benefits of personalized vitamins packs. These include:

A lower risk of interactions between ingredients or duplicating ingredients because everything comes from the same company. 

If you experience a poor reaction from a certain ingredient, you don’t have to stop taking the entire vitamin - just that one capsule. 

Personalized vitamin companies have put in the research on what works best for bodily absorption. Because of this, they will typically pair an ingredient with an absorption enhancer - for example, pairing vitamin C with iron. 

Are Personalized Vitamins Better Than Store-Bought? 

The more information that goes into creating a supplement meant just for you, the better. But the more legwork that goes into creating the supplement, the more expensive it’s going to be. So, the question is if you’re willing to pay a higher price for a more customizable supplement. 

When it comes to how much information you put into your personalized supplement, in some cases, a questionnaire can be just as helpful as a blood, urine, or hair laboratory test. If the questionnaire asks targeted questions with a few basic physical exam findings, finding a deficiency is relatively straightforward. This is good news because taking a quiz for your personalized vitamin will end up being less expensive than sending in your blood, urine, or hair. 

At the end of the day, personalized vitamins are more effective and efficient than store-bought ones. But the overarching advice that many professionals continue to give is this: eat your vegetables. 


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