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Are Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions Worth It?

The medicine aisle in the supermarket can be a lot to take in. There are so many options, and it’s hard to narrow down what’s actually good for you from what is offering empty promises. Of course, the brightly colored gummy vitamins that taste like candy are tempting, but are they actually doing anything for your health? Can you benefit from any of these generic multivitamins at all? 

These are questions that many, many people have, and that’s why personalized vitamin companies are taking the vitamin industry by storm. Personalized vitamins are more convenient, more customizable, and maybe even more beneficial. 

You won’t find these personalized brands at the supermarket, though. They can be found mostly online, selling directly to consumers. 

Do I Need A Multivitamin?

The answer is still unclear as to whether healthy individuals can benefit from a general multivitamin. The answer is more nuanced than that - if people who need them take them in the right capacity, they can be helpful. But there are a lot of variables to this type of study (1). 

In any case, a more personalized regimen looks like it is capable of doing more good. Because why waste time taking a multivitamin that includes ingredients that you don’t need? Instead, you can narrow down what you put into your body with a personalized routine. 

Benefits of Personalized Vitamins

The truth of the matter is that many people can benefit from taking a supplement, but the amount that is needed varies from person to person depending on their diet, lifestyle, and overall health. This is where a personalized vitamin routine can come in handy. 

Even if you don’t need to take a multivitamin every day, it’s likely that you’re still lacking in certain nutrient departments. Even if you eat a healthy, well-rounded diet. But even still, having everyone take the same thing probably isn’t the way to solve this problem. Personalized vitamins subscriptions have the right idea. 

To account for differing lifestyles, many of these companies offer a quiz to get started with their service. This helps them understand your profile and gives them more information on what vitamins and supplements to recommend to you. You may be asked fundamental details like your age, gender, where you live, and lifestyle choices like whether or not you eat red meat, and how often you exercise. You could also be asked about your health goals and current concerns, like if you experience digestive distress, energy level issues, or skin problems. From there, the company can recommend a supplement that fits your needs. 

Knowing your gender is especially helpful for personalized vitamins because women need different nutrients than men do. For example, women need more iron since they lose a considerable amount during their menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. Women also need more calcium, since they have a faster cell turnover rate than men. Nutrient requirements also differ during a woman’s reproductive years. 

Another nutrient that many people, not just women, are missing in their routine is vitamin D. Many people don’t even realize that they could be deficient, and that they could benefit from a pill or liquid version of a vitamin D supplement. You may be wondering, is liquid vitamin D better than pills? The answer is important to know when you incorporate it into your personalized regimen. The answer is yes (2) - any vitamin in liquid form is more easily absorbed by the body and therefore allowed to take effect much faster and more efficiently. 

The Downside Of Personalized Vitamins

Some health professionals say that the lifestyle quizzes offered by personalized vitamin companies don’t do much more than any other internet quiz. To really get the true nutrients that you’re lacking, you should consider a micronutrient test and a consultation with a registered dietitian. Although, let it be known that some companies do go as far as to take information from a blood or DNA test, and this can undoubtedly tell them more than a simple quiz can. But it’s also important to keep in mind that companies that ask for such information are usually significantly more expensive than companies that take information from an online quiz. 

Are Personalized Vitamins Worth It?

The answer comes down to how much you’re willing to put into your personalized vitamin regimen in terms of information, money, and time. Companies that ask for extensive information that they can use to create an extremely personalized vitamin routine will be more effective and more beneficial than companies who are just as general as a store-bought multivitamin. 


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