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Are Liquid Multivitamins Safe?

While a liquid multivitamin isn’t meant to cure any disease, it could be a valuable asset to your life and your overall health. Liquid multivitamins supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals that you could be lacking due to gaps in your daily intake or certain conditions you may have. 

Why Liquid Vitamins?

Many people prefer liquid vitamins over pills, capsules, or gummies because of how easy they are to take. In the case of pills, not only can they be difficult to keep track of, for some people they can also be difficult (or even impossible) to ingest. For young and elderly people alike, pills could pose a choking hazard, and being without a method to take your vitamins means that you don’t get the nutrients you need. 

Liquid vitamins, on the other hand, are not a choking hazard to people who have trouble with swallowing pills. They can be taken alone or mixed with non-solid foods (like soup) or drinks. If you have children, you know that the best way to get your kids to take their vitamins is if they don’t know they’re taking them at all. Liquid vitamins are a great way to make sure that kids are getting the nutrients they need without the hassle of a pill or the added sugar of a gummy. 

Liquid vitamins are safe for older adults who may have a weak swallowing reflex as well, as they can use a dropper or a cup to take their daily dose. 

This is a major reason as to why liquid vitamins are safer than pills or capsules (1), which is something that many people wonder about. 

Are Liquid Vitamins Safe?

Over the years, gummy vitamins and vitamins in the form of pills and capsules have become popularized, but recently liquid vitamins have taken the market by storm. These supplements are better absorbed by the body, more effective, and contain less additives than many other types of vitamins (2), but in order to ascertain that they are right for you, it’s necessary to do your own research. When you choose a brand, make sure that they have an upstanding reputation and plenty of good reviews. Not only that, check the ingredients of their liquid multivitamin to make sure that everything coincides with what you want to incorporate into your diet. If you are especially concerned about the safety of a liquid vitamin, making sure that the supplement is FDA approved will help you achieve ultimate peace of mind. 

If all else fails, talk to your doctor about the safety of liquid multivitamins - specifically the one that you would like to work into your daily routine. 

Benefits of Liquid Multivitamins

There are plenty of benefits to liquid multivitamins, and we’ve only gone over a few. Here are some more benefits that you can count on from these supplements: 

They’re more effective than pills or capsules because they have a higher bioavailability (1), and that determines the rate of effectiveness at which your body absorbs the substance. The higher the bioavailability, the more effective the vitamin is. A liquid multivitamin has a higher concentration of nutrients than pills do, and that compared with the higher bioavailability makes for an effective supplement. 

Liquid multivitamins also contain a plethora of antioxidants that the body needs to thrive. Antioxidants protect, defend, and strengthen your body’s processes and systems, and arm your cells against molecules that cause disease. If you increase your daily intake of antioxidants, you may have a lower risk of becoming ill, and you could boost your health in general. 

Another benefit of liquid multivitamins is that they are more quickly absorbed by the digestive system. The body can easily break down liquid vitamins because they don’t include the same barriers that pills and capsules do. There is no protective outer shell for the body to work through while digesting. The process of breaking down the outer shell of the pill or capsule takes time that the body doesn’t need to waste when you take a liquid vitamin, so liquid vitamins integrate into your system at a much quicker rate. 

Liquid vitamins are also cost-effective and very convenient. They are easily customizable - instead of your family having to take different vitamins with different dosages, you can easily amend the dosage of the same liquid vitamin so the entire family can benefit from one supplement. You can’t so easily modify the dosage of a pill yourself; even if you cut it, that method is not exact and it’s not recommended. Rather than buying a number of multivitamins for your household, instead stick to one liquid supplement that everyone can reap the benefits from. 


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