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Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Capsules?

The rising popularity of gummy vitamins is no joke. Gummies are a common method of taking vitamins - they’re easy to consume and, on top of that, they taste great. But the real question centers around gummy vitamins vs pills. Are gummy vitamins better than pills? Are pills better than gummies? Is there a difference in the two methods, or does it boil down to preference? 

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between gummy vitamins and traditional vitamins (AKA pills and capsules), and we’ll also share the benefits of consuming either kind. After reading this, you should be armed with enough information to choose what type of supplement suits you best (1). 

Pills and Capsules

Traditional vitamins like pills and capsules are taken in order to fill in nutritional gaps you may be experiencing in your diet. Any type of vitamin is meant to keep you healthy, especially if you’re not meeting your required daily nutrients with the food that you eat. 

Pills and capsules are most often taken orally and swallowed whole. For most people, this is quick and easy. 

Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins are also meant to supplement you with the vitamins, minerals and/or herbs that your diet might be lacking. The main difference between gummy vitamins and pills and capsules is the fact that, instead of swallowing them whole, these supplements are available in chewable form. They’re also known for their great taste. They come in all sorts of shapes and flavors, which can be both a convenient and fun way to keep you feeling great. 

Differences Between Gummies and Capsules 

There are a handful of notable differences between gummy vitamins and capsules. Once you understand these differences, you can make an educated decision on which form can benefit you and your lifestyle. 

The first main difference between these types of vitamins is the way that they’re consumed. For some people, swallowing capsules can be difficult or downright impossible. If that’s the case for you, then gummies might be a better way to get the nutrients that you’re missing. They are a great choice for children and the elderly for this reason. 

Another difference is the flavor. When you swallow a capsule, it’s not likely that you’ll taste anything at all. In some instances, you may experience an unpleasant aftertaste, but not always. With gummies, the flavor is one of the main draws. But just because gummy vitamins taste better doesn’t mean that they’re a better supplement all around. They are simply designed with the importance of flavor in mind. 

Another key difference is serving size. When you take pills and capsules, they are designed to contain the daily recommended amount of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in a single capsule. Gummies don’t necessarily fall into that same category. With the way that gummies are designed, the amount of nutrients could be limited. For this reason, a single gummy might not do the trick. To get the nutrients that you need, you may need to take as many as six gummies. 

Precautions are another difference to keep in mind with these two types of supplements. A major precaution to make note of with gummy vitamins is that you must avoid taking too many - since they taste so good, it can be easy to overdo it. 

The last difference you should consider is the presence of other ingredients in these supplements. Unfortunately, it’s quite common to see unwanted ingredients in gummy vitamins. These ingredients could include corn, dairy, gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, sugar, tree nuts, and yeast. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, you’ll want to make a habit of checking the labels on gummy vitamins before blindly consuming them. 

Which Form Is Best?

In the end, the form of the supplement that you choose to incorporate into your routine is completely up to you. After considering your health needs, goals, and preferences, and with all of this information under your belt, you should be able to make a calculated decision. 

The bottom line is this: if you have trouble swallowing pills and you’re looking for a tasty, more convenient option, then gummy vitamins may very well be exactly what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for specific vitamins, minerals, or herbs that only come in capsule form, and you don’t have any issue with swallowing pills, then capsules may be the way to go. 

The best way to find out which is best for you is to give both forms a try, then choose the one that suits you best. 


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