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3 Great Vitamin Subscription Services For Couples

Taking daily vitamins can help many people get the nutrients they need - but it can also be a tough practice to remember. Taking your vitamins every day can be challenging, especially when the bottle runs out - before you know it, you’ve forgotten to get a new batch for so long that you feel it’s not worth it to start up again. 

It’s also tough to know where to start when it comes to vitamins. What vitamins and minerals does your body need more of, and what ones do you already have enough of? It can feel like a hopeless guessing game - not just for one person, but for couples as well. 

In many cases, couples (especially couples who live together, which is who we will be referencing for the sake of this article), eat similar diets. Because of this, it’s very likely that - no matter the gender identity of either party - that they are lacking the same nutrients. In this case, it would be helpful for a couple to take similar supplements to fill in the gaps of their diet, but once again, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

That’s where vitamin subscription services come into play. Having a personalized vitamin subscription for both you and your significant other takes the guesswork out of supplementing your diet and makes the habit easy to remember, too - since the boxes are delivered right to your door once a month. 

Most personalized vitamin packs will assess what the user needs more of in their daily routine through tools of analysis that are backed by experts. These subscription services might have you take a quiz that details your lifestyle or perhaps send in a blood sample that provides the exact answers as to what you and your significant other are lacking. 

Experts say (1) that you should cover the foundational bases first. Make sure you and your partner manage stress in your life correctly, get good sleep, and eat a healthy diet. From there, if there are still gaps that exist, it’s time to consider a supplement routine. 

Best Vitamin Subscription Services For Couples

There are quite a few vitamin packs that work great for couples. For this article, we picked our top three. 

Our first pick for couples comes from Dosely, which is best for standard daily essentials that most everyone can benefit from. What’s great about Dosely is the fact that every pill contains all the vitamins and minerals that you need in a day, meaning that you only have to take one. These vitamins are available for both men and women over 18, and while you don’t have to take a quiz or send in information about your lifestyle, each dosage includes standard essentials like vitamins A, K, C, D, the B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and much more. These multivitamins are plant-based, vegan, free of GMOs, and hypoallergenic as well. What’s more, for every one purchase, Dosely donates a full year’s supply of essential vitamins to a child in need. 

Our best choice for a versatile vitamin subscription comes from Care/of. When you and your partner sign up with Care/of, you will be asked to take a quiz so the company can figure out what supplements both of you can benefit from. Every recommendation provides an honest assessment of how much research has been done on that particular offering, and you can pick and choose what recommendations you’d like to add to your cart. Care/of is completely customizable per your choices. Care/of also has a great reputation when it comes to customer service. Another great thing about Care/of is that, no matter your reason for choosing to start a supplement routine, they have something that can benefit you. As long as you make note of it in the quiz that they provide, they will recommend something that can add to your health. All of these recommendations are based on traditional medicine with input given by a scientific advisory board, with research from clinical studies to back it. Not to mention the pills and powders come inside compostable packets. 

Rootine is our best choice for couples who aren’t interested in taking their vitamin in the form of a pill. Rootine supplements come in microbead packs, which are designed for optimal nutrient absorption within the body. You don’t need to keep track of any individual vitamins, and you don’t need to swallow any pills, either. With Rootine, you have the choice of either taking a quiz or getting even more personalized results by sending in a DNA or blood test. After that, you and your partner will be presented with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that Rootine recommends. 


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