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Why New Moms Should Take A Liquid Zinc Supplement?

All human beings require 13 essential vitamins and several important minerals every single day. These nutrients are typically absorbed through your diet in the food that you eat, with some needed in higher or lower amounts depending on their unique roles and your overall health. Zinc is one of these necessary nutrients. Since it exists in relatively small amounts inside the body, zinc is considered a trace mineral, but that does not make it any less essential. Zinc plays an important part in the day to day function of various bodily systems, including immune health, metabolic function, DNA synthesis, cell growth and division, wound healing, enzyme reactions, and more. 

Because of all these important roles zinc plays in the body, a liquid zinc supplement can be extremely helpful to people in a number of situations. Obviously, if you are diagnosed with a zinc deficiency, then you should take a zinc supplement according to your doctor’s instructions. And, since zinc is a strong anti-inflammatory nutrient, it may also reduce redness and irritation of the skin caused by acne as well as decrease the symptoms of chronic illnesses such as heart disease or cancer. However, as we mentioned, zinc also plays key roles in both development and immune system health, making it an essential nutrient for new and expecting parents in particular.

Zinc Benefits for New Parents

If you are currently pregnant or have recently had a child, then you may find a liquid zinc supplement to be a helpful addition to your daily routine. However, keep in mind that you should always consult with your physician before adopting a new supplement to make sure it is right for you, especially if you already have a prenatal or postnatal vitamin. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why zinc is a particularly important nutrient for new parents.

Zinc & Development

Zinc is a necessary mineral for the growth and division of healthy cells, especially during stages of rapid cell growth. Pregnancy itself is a long period of very rapid cell growth, both in terms of overall tissue growth and development of the brain. Without a healthy intake of zinc throughout the duration of the pregnancy, some issues such as low birth weight or early labor could occur (1). On the other hand, higher amounts of zinc in your baby’s brain can facilitate proper neurological function as well as the synthesis of DNA (2). 

In short, providing your body with zinc throughout your pregnancy may help you feel at ease knowing your baby is receiving one of the key nutrients they need to grow. Of course, there is the possibility of having too much of a good thing, so you should still be careful to stay within the recommended daily intake for pregnant parents, which we will discuss in a later section.

Zinc & Immune Health

Just as it provides assistance to other cells in the body, zinc also helps with the healthy growth of immune cells. Not only that, but zinc may be able to prevent harmful bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms from entering your system via skin cells or the lining of your organs (3). No matter what, the essential nature of zinc in the proper functioning of the immune system cannot be denied. In external terms as well, zinc is necessary for all types of wound healing and may be applied topically to help with skin rashes or irritation.

Fighting or preventing infections both during and after pregnancy is extremely important to your own health and the health of your baby, so you want to make sure you have adequate amounts of immune-boosting nutrients like zinc. Zinc helps build your baby’s immune system with the generation of strong immune cells. And, throughout your pregnancy, your own immune system is repressed in order to protect your baby, making you more susceptible to infections (4). This means that a healthy amount of zinc in your diet is essential to help your body fight off any potential infections and heal wounds while your immune system is repressed. 

How Much Zinc Is Too Much?

The same as with all other micronutrients, it is important to make sure that your body has enough zinc without consuming too much. The recommended daily intake for zinc is largely the same for most adults (12-15 mg), but it varies significantly when it comes to those who are pregnant or nursing. According to the Mayo Clinic, pregnant individuals need about 15 mg per day while those who are nursing may require a range of 16 to 19 mg per day (5). This higher dosage comes from the necessity of a healthy concentration of zinc both in the breast milk itself to provide nutrients to your baby for growth and development as well as to maintain the proper functioning of your own body, especially the immune system.


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