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What's The Difference Between Gummy Vitamins And Pills?

Because of the surge in popularity for vitamins, there are many forms of supplements available. But because there is so much variety, this can cause confusion - people wonder: which form is best at achieving the recommended daily amount of nutrients? 

Many are curious about gummy vitamins vs pills, as these are the two forms of vitamins that are most commonly available (1). 

The Difference Between Gummies and Pills

While the principle of gummy vitamins and pills may be the same, and they might have the same active ingredient(s), there are some key differences in these supplements. 

As for gummies, they are soft and chewable. They are designed to look like gummy candy, and they are most definitely the best-tasting supplement on the market. But that good taste can come at a price. In many cases, gummy vitamins contain artificial colors and sugars, and they also contain a lower concentration of the active ingredient of the vitamin they claim to deliver. 

Pills are a form of supplements that is more no-nonsense. They don’t often contain many filler ingredients, and they are an effective way to get the nutrients that your body needs in your everyday routine. Even though they are not flavored and a bit boring, they get the job done. 

Absorption Rate

In order for your body to benefit from the ingredients that these supplements are providing, it needs to break them down and digest them. This is how they get absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s necessary to find a vitamin with a good absorption rate, otherwise you won’t reap any of the benefits. 

A lot of the time, the body takes a longer amount of time to break down pills than it does to break down gummy vitamins. This is because pills are often swallowed whole, and the body must thoroughly digest them before absorbing their contents. This means getting around the coating surrounding the pill, which is more work that your digestive system has to do. This could heighten the risk of some of the nutrients passing through your body unabsorbed. 

Since gummies are most often chewed before they’re swallowed, the body has an easier time breaking them down. But even still, the absorption rate can vary between brands. 

Which Works Faster?

With any vitamin or supplement, there is no such thing as instant results. Your body will undoubtedly take an hour or more to absorb the supplements, but beyond that, it could take weeks before you see any sort of result. Long-term results could even take months. 

Moreover, if you already have enough of a vitamin in your system and you are still choosing to take a supplement, it’s not likely that you’ll see any effects at all. 

When it comes to vitamin gummies vs pills and which works faster, there’s not really a solid answer - because vitamins are not about speed, they’re about long term health benefits. 

Which Is Better?

Gummy vitamins have many benefits. For example, they are reasonably accessible and they are more enjoyable to take than pills. But along with their benefits comes a few drawbacks. For example, they can get expensive, and their ingredients aren’t always optimal. One of the biggest downsides of gummy vitamins is the fact that they don’t last on the shelf for an indefinite amount of time - they can lose potency eventually. Which means, when it comes to longevity, pills win out. 

Pros and Cons

There are plenty of pros and cons to consider when you’re debating between gummy vitamins and pills. The pros for gummy vitamins include: the fact that they taste good, they are easier to consume (especially for children and the elderly), and they are generally accepted (even by picky eaters). The cons include: their sugar content, the fact that their contents are difficult to measure, and the price. 

The pros for pills include: their reliable ingredients, they are convenient to work into your routine, and they are cost effective. The cons of pills include: their lack of taste or unpleasant aftertaste, the struggle to consume them, and the fact that some may be too potent. 

The Lasting Debate

While the debate over which form of supplements is better may continue, there are clear benefits to both types. What you choose depends on what you value most about your health goals and preferences. Would you rather a pleasant-tasting experience that may put more sugar in your system, or do you prefer a no-nonsense approach to get your daily recommended amount of nutrients? The choice is up to you. 


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