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How To Use Liquid Daily Multivitamin Properly

So, you’re considering Liquid Daily for your family’s multivitamin. We’re honored! You can rest assured that our unique formula is certified USDA organic and contains many of the most essential vitamins and minerals, including the B complex vitamins, vitamins A, E, D, and K, zinc, iodine, chromium, and selenium. Not to mention, we’ve done the research for you and selected only the highest quality micronutrients to provide added nutrition for your whole family.

But how does taking a multivitamin work? How much should you take and how often? Don’t worry! We’re here to answer all your questions about how you can make the most of your Liquid Daily multivitamins.

Dosage Instructions

Anytime you start taking a new supplement, it’s important to keep the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of different micronutrients in mind. Recommended dietary allowance refers to the amount of a vitamin or mineral that you should aim to consume in an average day (1). Going too far below this limit regularly may lead to the development of a deficiency while exceeding the limit can cause other adverse side effects, particularly with fat-soluble vitamins, which can be stored in the body over longer periods. Some supplement brands pump too much of each micronutrient into their formula, which is typically unnecessary when the multivitamin is taken alongside a relatively balanced diet. Keep these daily recommended amounts in mind when perusing the labels of your supplements, so you can avoid accidentally taking too much of a good thing.

If all that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t sweat it. Liquid Daily’s unique formula contains a perfect blend of high quality micronutrients, tailored to give you the boost of nutrition you need in order to fill in any gaps that have formed in your diet without exceeding any of the RDA levels. Simply follow our dosage instructions chart, shown below, according to age group:

  • Adults (18 and older): 2 mL per day
  • Kids (4-17 years old): 1mL per day
  • Toddlers (1-3 years old): 0.5 mL per day

When to Take Your Multivitamin

What time you take your multivitamin is entirely up to you. It can be in accordance with your schedule or personal preferences, as long as you remember to take it consistently. However, since Liquid Daily contains both fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, there is another factor to consider with it comes to optimized absorption rates. Water-soluble vitamins (B complex vitamins) are absorbed easily alongside a simple glass of water. Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K), on the other hand, are a bit more complex. They are often best absorbed when consumed at the same time as foods containing fat, such as sunflower seeds, dairy products, and fatty fish (2). For that reason, you may choose to take your Liquid Daily multivitamin with dinner or any meal that has food containing fat.

As we mentioned, Liquid Daily contains the B complex vitamins. Several of the nutrients in this 8-member family are known for providing a burst of energy. Thanks to these vitamins, taking your multivitamin may leave you feeling energized. If you have trouble getting started in the morning, you may want to consider adding your supplement to your morning routine in order to help your motivation for the day. Similarly, you should probably avoid taking your multivitamin too close to bedtime, as the extra energy may interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

Life Hacks

An advantage of liquid supplements like Liquid Daily is their ability to be disguised in a way that fools even the pickiest eaters. Don’t believe us? Try adding your child’s dosage of Liquid Daily to a glass of water or their favorite beverage. You will likely find that they either enjoy the taste, thanks to our organic fruit blend, or it goes completely unnoticed when added to a beverage. Adults who have an aversion to the taste of typical supplements may find this life hack helpful as well.

Another convenience that Liquid Daily Multivitamins provide is the option to take them sublingually. The word “sublingual” may sound complex, but sublingual consumption is oftentimes even easier than simply swallowing your supplements. In order to take Liquid Daily sublingually, all you need to do is hold your dosage under your tongue for 15 seconds, then swallow. Some studies have found that consuming vitamins and minerals sublingually may result in slightly faster absorption rates (3). As you may already know, liquid supplements like ours tend to absorb more efficiently compared to solids like pills and gummies, since they bypass the need for digestion. Sublingual options take this a step further by allowing nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, greatly lowering the risk of all or part of your dosage exiting your body before it can be fully utilized.


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