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Gummy Vitamins Vs Pills - What Are the Pros and Cons of Gummy Vitamins?

Selecting a supplement is an overwhelming task. Not only are there countless brands out there vying for your attention, but there are even various forms of supplements that you can choose, ranging from solids like chewables and tablets to liquid multivitamins. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of two types of solid supplements: gummy vitamins vs pills.

Pros of Gummies & Pills

By far the biggest pro of taking a gummy vitamin is the taste. It is a well-known fact that some chewable vitamins do not have the most pleasant flavor, often sporting a mineral-y aftertaste. Gummy vitamins, however, are a popular hit with kids and adults alike, especially picky eaters. The variety of shapes, flavors, and colors available for gummy vitamins make them a fun experience for most children as they start to learn about nutrition and safely utilizing supplements.

In the modern world of supplements, pills are quickly becoming somewhat outdated, with a rather short list of pros in comparison to other forms of vitamins and minerals. However, one possible benefit of pills that still holds out to this day is their convenience. Taking a pill once per day alongside your morning beverage or midday meal is typically an easy habit for most people to follow. Some issues can arise for those who experience dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, in which case chewable and liquid supplements are by far a better option. 

Cons of Gummies & Pills

Like other solid supplements, gummy vitamins and pills share one major con between them: slow absorption rates. If you are new to supplements, then absorption rates may not be the first thing on your mind. However, taking a supplement with fast absorption can make all the difference for some people, especially those who suffer from digestive issues. Gummy vitamins and pills must be broken down before your body can access the nutrients inside them. This added step of digestion eats into your body’s absorption time, sometimes allowing part of your valuable dosage to leave your body before it can be properly utilized (1). If this occurs, then you are missing out on essential nutrients and not making the most of your supplement.

An added con for gummy vitamins in particular is their ingredients. Though they often sport an excellent taste, as we mentioned above, this pleasant flavor typically comes from added sugars. Gummy vitamins showcase a much higher sugar content than other forms of supplements. Not to mention, many gummy vitamins also make use of fillers like food dyes, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial binders (2). While not always outright harmful, these ingredients are unnecessary in your supplement and should generally be avoided. Some gummy vitamins have also been shown to occasionally provide less nutrition than their labels advertise.

Who Wins?

So which is better? Gummy vitamins or pills? The answer is: it depends! If you are someone who does not worry about absorption rates, has no difficulty swallowing, and would prefer a supplement with little or not taste, then pills may be an effective option for you. On the other hand, for those who have picky eaters to please, who do experience difficulty swallowing, or who simply cannot stomach a bad-tasting supplement, then gummy vitamins may be a better solution. However, there is an alternative to both gummies and pills that we believe is well-suited to just about anyone: liquid vitamins.

In terms of absorption, taste, and convenience, liquid vitamins are the clear winner among other forms of supplements. First, liquid supplements do not require digestion in any capacity. Instead of forcing your body to convert the nutrients into their liquid forms by itself, you can simply supply it with liquid nutrients immediately via your liquid vitamin. This facilitates more efficient absorption and guarantees your full dosage will be utilized instead of only a partial amount. Second, most liquids have a pleasant and all-natural flavor that does not require fillers like sugars or artificial dyes, making them a safer option than supplements that do contain additives. And finally, as far as convenience goes, you can add a liquid vitamin to any beverage and easily sneak it past even the pickiest of eaters. Clearly, liquid multivitamins like Better Family’s Liquid Daily are an excellent choice for the whole family.


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