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Chewable vs Liquid Vitamins

Differences Between Liquid Vitamins and Pills

With a liquid vitamin supplement, you receive maximum benefits, whereas supplements in pill form allow only a small percentage of the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is due to the digestive system process, additives, coating, and several other factors that block receiving the maximum benefits of vitamins in pill form. Another difference between pills and liquid supplements is the absence of fillers in liquid vitamins. When producing pills, fillers are necessary to form the shape and solidify the pill. Fillers are used for bulking up a product and as a binder. Liquid supplements do not require an added coating that can also interfere with absorption into the body. Therefore, with a liquid supplement, you get more for your money. Due to the pure liquid, they are more potent, requiring less per person for the proper dosage.

New on the Scene - Are Spray Vitamins Better than Pills?

Spray vitamins are new in the supplement scene and gaining popularity. Vitamin sprays are sprayed under the tongue or onto the inside of the cheek using a pump method. The spray is then held in the mouth for a few seconds prior to swallowing. Compared with liquid vitamins, the spray is essentially a liquid supplement administered as a spray instead of drops. As an alternative to pills, spray vitamins are better because they offer increased, rapid absorption over pill forms.

Pros of Liquid and Chewable Vitamins

Liquid and chewable vitamins are increasingly popular, and for a good reason. There are many pros to both. One benefit of a liquid, chewable and gummy vitamin is eliminating the risk of an improperly made tablet remaining intact and never releasing the ingredients for absorption. Another advantage of using liquid, chewable, or gummy vitamins is for those who have difficulty swallowing. Liquid and chewable options for taking supplements do not require any swallowing, making it easy for children and many adults who have difficulty swallowing pills. 

When considering the pros and cons of chewable vs liquid vitamins, liquid vitamins offer additional benefits. For example, they are an excellent option for those with digestive issues because they absorb quickly into your system without needing to break down through a digestive process. In addition, modifying the dosage for individual use is more manageable with liquid supplements. 

Although liquid supplements are the best option, you may wonder, are chewable vitamins better than pills? In short, yes. Chewable vitamins may not offer the same absorption rates as a liquid. Still, they do offer a better absorption rate than pills. The question is, do you have to chew gummy vitamins for them to work? Yes, for the absorption rate of gummies to exceed that of pills, chewing must occur. Better absorption with gummies is due to the salivary glands breaking down the pill as you chew prior to swallowing. This chewing, combined with saliva, starts the liquifying processes helping absorption begin quickly when the chewable vitamin enters the stomach and begins traveling through the rest of the digestive process.

Liquid Vitamin D - An Essential Supplement

The sunshine vitamin or vitamin D is a well-known nutrient produced naturally by skin cells with sun exposure. However, humans rarely receive enough vitamin D. In addition, vitamin D is found in very few foods. It is difficult for people to obtain enough of the vitamin in everyday life. Symptoms of low vitamin D include fatigue, trouble sleeping, achiness, depression, hair loss, muscle weakness, low appetite, and decreased immune system. Vitamin D is a safe, effective supplement that is readily available and often affordable.

Vitamin D is an essential supplement. It is one of the best liquid vitamins and best liquid multivitamins when included in multivitamin form. This is due to its ability to be readily absorbed into the body. A more bioavailable vitamin, such as a liquid version of vitamin D, ensures you receive the full benefits of the supplement. Since most people are deficient in vitamin D, rapid absorption through a liquid vitamin D supplement can help. In addition, liquid supplements increase the benefits of the vitamin, such as healthier bones, a boosted immune system, and support of overall health and body function. When choosing a vitamin D supplement, you may wonder, “Is liquid vitamin d better absorbed than other forms?” The answer is yes. Liquid vitamin D is the best option for absorption. When looking for an option other than liquid supplements, another consideration is, are vitamin D gummies better than pills? Gummies do absorb better than pills; however, with both pills and gummies, there are concerns surrounding potency and fillers.

Pros and Cons of Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins are everywhere and only gaining popularity. They are tasty and easy to consume, making them easier to work into a daily routine. Gummy vitamins are often more cost-effective than other options, such as liquid or traditional pills. Some challenges with gummy vitamins are dosing issues, overconsumption, lower absorption, and high sugar content. Gummy vitamins often contain less than adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals expected when taking them as a supplement. Consumers either overlook this low dosage issue altogether or overconsume gummies in an attempt to make up for the deficiency. 

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