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Best Organic Liquid Multivitamins And Minerals

The goal of a well-balanced diet is to provide your body with access to the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function smoothly on a daily basis and maintain your overall health. However, despite our best attempts to eat well every single day of the week, some meals might slip out of our control as a result of busy schedules and time crunches. As a result, nutritional gaps form across all age groups, from children to adults, so supplementing your diet with a multivitamin that helps fill in those gaps with a little extra nutrition can bring peace of mind to single adults and parents alike.

You have more than likely heard the buzz around eating mainly organic foods, but you may not be aware of the existence of organic multivitamins as well. As you might assume, organic supplements should utilize purely organic ingredients. But what does it mean for ingredients to be organic? What standards do organic supplements need to meet compared to ordinary supplements? And most importantly, what are the characteristics that set apart the best organic liquid multivitamins and minerals from the rest? In this article, we will explore the answers to these questions and give our recommendation for one of the best organic liquid supplements currently available: Liquid Daily.

Organic Ingredients

As you might imagine, the best organic supplements should utilize mainly organic ingredients. In fact, a supplement can only receive the USDA organic seal when it contains at least 95% organic ingredients. Supplements that contain only 70% or more organic ingredients are allowed to have the phrase “made with organic ingredients” on their labels (1). If you are particularly picky about making sure your supplements contain almost entirely organic ingredients, then you should keep an eye on the label to make sure it has the USDA seal and that all of your desired nutrients are present in healthy amounts.

But what does it really mean to use organic ingredients? And why does it make a difference? In order for a supplement’s ingredients to be considered organic, they must be harvested naturally in accordance with the standards of organic farming. These standards include regulations forbidding pesticides and insecticides as well as the use of GMOS (2). Despite not always being as large as crops grown with the assistance of pesticides, organic ingredients tend to be of higher quality and do not have the same harmful effects on your body that some synthetic ingredients like fillers and dyes may cause. Fillers are often used by supplement brands to bind the ingredients of a pill or capsule together, and not all of the fillers that are utilized for this purpose are harmful. However, it may be safer in the long-term to shy away from consuming anything that contains unnecessary synthetic ingredients when you could be sticking to organic ones.

A Standout Option: Liquid Daily

Better Family’s Liquid Daily multivitamin is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an organic multivitamin that will provide nutrition for the entire family. Our diverse blend of nutrients is certified USDA organic and includes the B complex vitamins along with vitamins A, E, D, and K, as well as important minerals like zinc, iodine, chromium, and selenium. This all-in-one liquid solution can be consumed sublingually for added convenience and is more concentrated than other liquid multivitamins, making it the standout option among competitors for fast absorption of only the highest quality micronutrients. In fact, we have taken the time to pick out the best forms of each type of vitamin or mineral so you can rest easily knowing that you and your loved ones are putting only the best of the best into your bodies.

Not to mention, our unique formula also contains an organic fruit blend that packs a powerful punch of antioxidants alongside your essential daily vitamins and minerals. Completely free of artificial dyes, added sugars, and unnecessary fillers, this mix of elderberries and superfruits adds a rich, reddish color that any kids are sure to enjoy without needing to sacrifice a parent’s peace of mind. 

Every human body and family situation is unique. Due to the risks associated with pre-existing health conditions and allergies, you should always proceed with caution when bringing a new supplement into your life, even those with a USDA seal and high quality ingredients. Remember that it is best practice to always consult with your physician before starting to take a new supplement regularly. They will be able to help you determine the best fit for you among the best available options.


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