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Best Liquid Vitamins And Minerals

Over the years, liquid vitamins and minerals have risen in popularity due to the fact that they’re easier to consume than pills and capsules, the body absorbs them more efficiently, and they taste better. They are a great choice for young children and elderly people who might have a hard time ingesting things that are hard to swallow, so they’re really a great option across the board. 

There are many brands and versions of liquid vitamins out there. Here at BetterFamily, we offer a liquid multivitamin that can be tailored to fit your family, and we pride ourselves on the affordability and overall quality of our product. 

There are also specific liquid vitamins that exist that cater to the unique needs of men, women, teens, and children. These vitamins fill in the gaps that these demographics may experience in their day-to-day diets, all the while keeping in mind what vitamins and minerals their unique bodies may benefit from. 

Pills vs Liquids 

It’s no secret that a liquid multivitamin and mineral is much easier to take than a pill. Some of the pills out there can get quite large, and not everyone is comfortable (or capable) of swallowing them. 

Liquid vitamins aren’t just easier to ingest, they’re also easier for your body to digest. The absorption rate for liquid vitamins is much faster than pills and capsules, as there’s no barriers for your body to work through. It simply absorbs the nutrients it needs through the gut, no protective casing involved. Some people also find that the effectiveness of liquid vitamins is boosted due to this fact. 

While it’s true that liquid vitamins have a shorter shelf life than pills and capsules, this is because liquid vitamins don’t contain any of the additives that keep pills fresh for longer. In short, liquid vitamins are made from purer ingredients, once again giving your body less to work through. 

Some people may be put off by the higher price of liquid vitamins, but when you compare that price to what you pay for the multitude of ineffective pills and capsules that you buy, it doesn’t seem so high. Instead of spending a small amount of money across the board, you’re paying for one singular investment that can do you worlds of good. 

When taking liquid vitamins, it’s important to pay attention to the dosage, as this is something that some people can get wrong. It’s not as straightforward as a pill, so make sure to measure the exact dosage to avoid GI-related side effects. 

Best Liquid Vitamins 

We’ll cover a few categories when it comes to the best liquid vitamins (1), and the first one on the list is Garden of Life Multivitamin - Vitamin Code Liquid. This liquid vitamin is the best choice for adults, as it contains a nutrient-dense blend of organic ingredients. The vitamins and minerals included in this selection are sourced from bacterial cultures and brown rice extracts. You get raw organic fruit and vegetables blends in every serving for an antioxidant boost, along with raw organic mushroom blends and all the vitamins an adult’s body needs for optimal function. You can get this liquid vitamin in fruit punch or orange mango flavor, whichever suits your fancy. 

Next up is the best liquid multivitamin for toddlers, which is Garden of Life Baby Multivitamin. This liquid vitamin ensures healthy development and fills in the nutritional gaps that picky toddlers can experience - many of us know the struggle of our children only wanting to eat chicken nuggets and pasta. This liquid vitamin includes vitamins A, and C, along with B-vitamins. It also includes an organic food blend containing antioxidants. 

The best vitamin B complex liquid vitamin is Vegan Vitamin B Complex Liquid by MaryRuth’s. This liquid vitamin can help to clear up brain fog, improve your metabolism, or just help you be the best you that you can be. Every serving contains 5 B-vitamins, including B3, B6, B7, B9, and B12, which makes it an especially great choice for those lacking in vitamin B12. This liquid vitamin should be taken once daily, putting 15 drops under the tongue for optimal absorption. 

Liquid Multimineral Natural Sleep Aid by MaryRuth’s is the best liquid vitamin option to help you sleep. In every dose, you’ll get a boost of magnesium citrate and calcium citrate, and those two minerals help to calm the mind and body at night so you can drift off easier. In this liquid vitamin, there is also a concentration of vitamin C, D, and other minerals that promote overall health. To help with sleep, take 1 fl oz of this liquid vitamin in the evening.


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Liquid Multivitamin for Kids and Adults

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