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Are Organic Liquid Vitamins Easier on the Stomach?

Stomach problems are a much more common issue than you might think, with chronic digestive diseases affecting at least 20 million Americans (1). Digestive problems of all kinds inhibit a number of functions within the body, including nutrient absorption. Whether you receive your nutrients entirely from your diet or with the assistance of a multivitamin, tummy troubles can negatively impact your dosage and prevent you from absorbing everything your body needs. If you suffer from any stomach-related issues, especially those related to digestion, then organic liquid vitamins may be a good option for you as they provide better bioavailability than synthetic nutrients as well as overall safer ingredients.


Bioavailability is the ability of a substance to be absorbed and used by the human body. The bioavailability of the nutrients inside a supplement is extremely important to their functionality in your body. After all, the reason you are taking a vitamin in the first place is to provide your body with an extra amount of nutrients to supplement the nutrition you already receive from your routine diet. If the ingredients in that multivitamin are not bioavailable, then absorption rates will naturally decline. Since absorption rates may already be slightly lower than average for those who suffer from digestive issues, you need to make sure that you are providing your body with the form of a nutrient that is the most easily absorbed, aka the most bioavailable. Liquid supplements already have an advantage over solids in that their liquid nutrients do not need to be digested prior to absorption. An organic liquid formula, then, has even an added advantage in utilizing natural ingredients that are more bioavailable.

Although synthetic nutrients are identical in chemical composition to natural nutrients, they are sometimes not absorbed well. The reason for this may be that natural nutrients, like those in whole foods, are usually accompanied by other vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants that are necessary to help your body absorb the main nutrients. Vitamin E is an excellent example of this phenomenon, as studies have shown that the natural form of vitamin E absorbs twice as effectively as the synthetic form (2). Therefore, those looking to maximize absorption should seek out supplements that utilize organic ingredients derived from whole food sources, especially when faced with the added barrier of stomach-related issues.

Better Ingredients

Organic supplements that have been certified by the USDA are required to utilize at least 95% organic ingredients, or ingredients which have been grown in compliance with the standards of organic farming (3). For this reason, an organic liquid vitamin will typically contain only the nutrients you seek without the use of fillers, additives, and synthetic dyes. These types of ingredients are staples in many other supplement brands, who rely on them for both cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Some brands may employ dyes to make their product look more vibrant or eye-catching while others contain high amounts of added sugars in order to boost the flavor of their formula. Pills also require some filler ingredients to prevent the formation of clumps and keep the ingredients encased neatly inside their capsules. Not all of these synthetic ingredients are harmful to the body, but they are certainly unnecessary and can aggravate an already sensitive stomach. Added sugars especially may cause discomfort in the stomach, as excess sugar ferments in the stomach when it cannot be properly broken down (4). Those who experience stomach-related issues should aim to rely on organically sourced supplements in order to avoid the irritation that comes along with some synthetic ingredients.

Better Family’s Liquid Daily multivitamin is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an organic multivitamin that is easy on even the most sensitive stomachs while still packing a much-needed punch of nutrition. Our diverse blend of nutrients is certified USDA organic and includes the B complex vitamins along with vitamins A, E, D, and K, as well as important minerals like zinc, iodine, chromium, and selenium. This all-in-one liquid solution can be consumed sublingually and is more concentrated than other liquid multivitamins, making it the standout choice among competitors for fast absorption of only the highest quality micronutrients. In fact, we have taken the time to pick out the best forms of each type of vitamin or mineral so you can rest easily knowing that you and your loved ones are putting the best of the best into your bodies. Not to mention, our unique formula contains an organic fruit blend that boosts your antioxidant intake as well. This mix of elderberries and superfruits even adds a rich, reddish color (completely free of synthetic dyes) that any kids are sure to enjoy.


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