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Are Liquid Vitamins The Best Multivitamin For the Whole Family?

Adding a multivitamin to your routine is an excellent way to boost your diet with some added nutrition where it may be lacking. The process of actually choosing your multivitamin, however, can quickly become daunting, with options available in a wide variety of forms and showcasing tons of different ingredients. We believe that the best multivitamins for the whole family are liquid multivitamins, as they act as a great source of essential nutrients while circumventing some of the typical problems surrounding supplements, such as bad taste, inconvenience, and difficulty swallowing.

Liquid Benefits for Kids

As we mentioned, nutritional health is important for all ages, but let’s consider for a moment how good nutrition can benefit children in particular. As children grow, the muscles and organs inside their bodies develop along with them. In order for that growth and development to occur properly, young bodies need a consistent supply of essential nutrients. If your child struggles with a healthy diet, whether it be from allergies or distaste for certain foods, then a multivitamin may be a good option to ensure they are still consuming the nutrients they need.

Most parents know that children are among the pickiest of eaters. Some kids might turn up their noses at healthy foods purely because they refuse to eat healthy. Liquid multivitamins are particularly helpful in these instances, as they can be easily disguised in your child’s favorite beverage with little to no fuss over taking them. Not to mention, many liquid options have a pleasant fruity flavor that surpasses the mineral-y taste of tablets without the unnecessary extra sugar contained in most gummy vitamins.

Introducing your children to a liquid multivitamin as they are growing up and starting to build their own routines may be a great way to begin teaching them more about the importance of nutrition. In order for kids to create and maintain healthy habits in adulthood, they need a foundation laid for them that provides insight into how making a well-balanced diet works. With guidelines in place and an understanding of the different ways your body receives nutrients, they may be more likely to carry forward good habits and perhaps even continue taking their multivitamin throughout life.

Liquid Benefits for Adults

For adults, nutrients are the source of energy that helps you get through the day. Without a healthy supply of nutrients in a well-balanced diet, you may find yourself feeling rundown or fatigued, even despite resting enough at night. Giving your body essential nutrients is the real secret to high energy in place of caffeine. Good nutrition also helps you control your body weight and lowers the risk of developing chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis (1). 

Liquid multivitamins in particular sport much faster absorption rates than solid supplements like pills and chewables. If you are bothering to take a multivitamin, then the chances are that you would like for the whole dosage to end up in your body, not just a partial amount. Unfortunately, solid supplements have an added step to their absorption that liquids do not: digestion. The nutrients in a solid supplement are locked inside a barrier that must first be broken down before your body can begin to absorb the nutrients it contains. This extra step drastically slows down the absorption rate, sometimes causing all or part of your dosage to exit your body before it has been fully absorbed (2). 

Liquid multivitamins, with nutrients already in their liquid forms, allow absorption to commence immediately with no need for digestion. Cutting out that extraneous step can be of great assistance to anyone who experiences slow digestion. According to a 2009 survey, 60-70 million Americans suffer from some type of digestive issue (3). A liquid multivitamin will typically be the best option for these and any other adults in the market for supplements.

Liquid Benefits for Seniors

Maintaining nutrition for seniors is essential, as various systems and organs within the body can experience wear and tear over time. The immune system, brain, and bones are all subject to decline as you grow older, making a healthy supply of nutrients completely essential to provide them with the upkeep they need. It is often difficult for elderly people to eat a well-balanced diet, as they may have trouble chewing meat for protein or gain an aversion to more potent foods. Adding a multivitamin may be the perfect solution to filling in any nutritional gaps that form.

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is prevalent across all age groups, keeping children and adults alike from being able to take pills comfortably. However, this problem often increases with age. The rate of dysphagia among adults is around 16-23%, with the percentage growing to 27% among those who are beyond 76 years of age (3). Utilizing a liquid multivitamin immediately eliminates this problem once and for all, making it much easier for seniors to consume them as opposed to supplements in pill form.


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