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Are Family Multivitamins With Elderberries Good?

You may think that most multivitamin supplements consist of only vitamins and minerals, but many supplement formulas also contain other healthful ingredients, such as servings of fruits and vegetables. Elderberries in particular make an excellent addition to any family multivitamin formula, often even adding a naturally pleasant color free from artificial dyes. But what are elderberries? How can they benefit your body and overall wellness? In this article, we will take a brief look at the history surrounding the use of elderberries as well as their potential benefits when taken regularly in the form of your multivitamin.

About Elderberries

Elderberries are a type of fruit harvested from elder plants, which include about 30 different species of trees and bushes. The elder plant that is most commonly used for healing purposes is the European elderberry, or Sambucus nigra (1). As its name indicates, this particular tree is native to Europe, but it is often grown in the United States and various other areas of the world as well. Although the berries themselves are the part of the tree that is most frequently utilized in supplements, the flowers, leaves, and bark have also historically been used for medicinal purposes, with the flowers and leaves either being cooked or infused into tea to reduce swelling or inflammation and the bark being consumed as a laxative.

Raw consumption of elderberries can be quite dangerous, as the berries themselves are considered poisonous. However, once they have been cooked, they are completely safe to eat and are also often used in recipes for pies, jams, and even wine. The elderberries that are used in supplements are safe for consumption, as they are typically either cooked, dried, or in the form of an extract.

Uses and Benefits

With some background about these unique fruits in our minds, let’s now take a brief look at a few of the possible benefits that taking a supplement containing elderberries may provide.


Elderberries are packed full of substances that your body uses every day, including vitamin C, dietary fiber, and three types of antioxidants (2). The antioxidants are perhaps the most important nutrients that elderberries give, as they can help lower inflammation and stress levels. We have listed each of them below along with the role they play in your overall health:

  • Phenolic acids: A powerful group of antioxidants known for lowering the effects of free radical damage on cells as well as oxidative stress levels.
  • Flavonoids: These berries contain a subclass of flavonoids known as flavonols, which have anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce the risk of developing vascular diseases (3).
  • Anthocyanins: Like other antioxidants, anthocyanins are anti-inflammatory and give your immune system a much-needed boost.

Improve Flu Symptoms

You have most likely heard of elderberries being used as a treatment for the common cold and flu. Although they cannot completely cure you of an illness, they may be able to provide relief for your symptoms and reduce the duration of the sickness. Symptoms that are typically relieved by consumption of elderberry supplements include runny nose, nasal congestion, and cough (4). The reason that these potent berries are effective in treating illness can likely be attributed to their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which provide impressive support for your immune system.

Other Possible Treatments

Aside from colds and influenza, elderberries have historically been used to treat a variety of other ailments as well. There is not significant scientific evidence to prove that each of these treatments is achievable through the consumption of elderberries, so you should never rely on just these fruits alone as a form of medical care. Examples of possible ailments that may lessen in severity when taking an elderberry supplement include constipation, joint and muscle pain, respiratory infections, epilepsy, skin conditions, fever, headaches, and stress (5). Thanks to their ability to provide antioxidants, which fight free radical damage and reduce oxidative stress, they may be able to stave off some harmful bacterias and help fight cancer as well.

Liquid Daily

If you are interested in picking up a multivitamin that makes use of all these elderberry benefits, then you should consider Better Family’s Liquid Daily. Our diverse blend of nutrients is certified USDA organic and includes the B complex vitamins along with vitamins A, E, D, and K, as well as important minerals like zinc, iodine, chromium, and selenium. Not to mention, its organic fruit blend utilizes elderberries and other superfruits in order to pack a powerful punch of antioxidants while adding a rich, reddish color to the formula that your kids are sure to love. We select only the highest quality micronutrients for our liquid multivitamin and have done the research for you so you can rest easily knowing that you and your loved ones are putting only the best forms of each type of vitamin or mineral into your bodies.


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