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5 Cool Children's Vitamin Subscription Services

Getting subscriptions delivered right to your door takes the hassle out of so many different things in life. Almost every product you can think of has a subscription service - and that includes vitamins. More specifically, vitamin packs for kids. 

Even though it’s pretty easy to either stop at the supermarket or check out Amazon, personalized vitamin packs take things one step further. Many services include lifestyle quizzes in order to determine what your child needs more of in their diet, or what vitamins and minerals they may be lacking completely. The best vitamin subscription is one that’s tailored to your child’s every need, leaving no gaps in their nutrition, so they can thrive and feel like the best version of themselves. 

Vitamin Subscription Services

The personalized vitamin subscription industry has been booming lately because of an ever-increasing demand for personalization. Trying to find a vitamin that fits you among the many, many choices available can be daunting or downright impossible. Having a service that is able to narrow down the ingredients to exactly what you need is a game-changer.

If you’re interested in daily vitamin packs for your child, it could be for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you feel your child isn’t getting enough from the food that they eat and they need a little extra boost in certain areas. Maybe you understand the vitamins and minerals that work for them, but you can never remember to get to the store to re-up the bottle when they run out. 

Vitamin subscription services for kids do all the work for you. Not only do they tailor the vitamin packs to exactly what your child needs (thanks to the lifestyle quiz), they also deliver the product right to your door once a month. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to buy a new bottle. This way, your child’s vitamin routine will be seamless. 

Using a personalized vitamin subscription for your child won’t only save you time spent scouring the shelves, it might also save you money in the long run (1). After you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that most services give you a better monthly deal than buying single bottles of supplements. 

If your child has severe health concerns, working with their doctor may still be the best approach. Always consult your child’s healthcare provider before incorporating any new vitamins or supplements into their diet. 

5 Best Children’s Vitamin Subscription Services

Now that we’ve gone over vitamin subscription services in general, here are our top five picks for children’s vitamin subscriptions:

First on the list is Hiya (2). These vitamins are filled with 15 essential vitamins that kids can benefit from, with no synthetic additives. These vitamins were invented by two dads who wanted to see an improvement in the children’s vitamin industry, so they did something about it themselves. The ingredients are designed for lifelong health starting at an early age, and they come at an affordable price of just $1 per day. At Hiya, they create their vitamins off of updated health information, not from data that was sourced in the 1980s full of misinformation that leads to health issues. 

Second on the list is Nourished Kids (3), which offers personalized vitamins for kids. These are vegan, sugar-free, plastic-free, without any added chemicals or synthetic materials. All you have to do is take a quiz to find out what your child could use more of in their diet, and then you’ll receive a personalized supplement routine for them. These vitamins are backed by scientific research and contain high-quality nourishment. 

Next up is Ritual Essential for Kids (4). This supplement was formed with picky eaters in mind and it includes omega-3 DHA and a good source of fiber with every serving. It is sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, and has no artificial colorants. These vitamins pick up where a picky kid’s diet leaves off and fills in the blanks. 

Fourth is OLLY (5), which comes in a variety of children’s vitamins that are available in a monthly subscription. You can choose from Kids Super Brainy to Kids Happy Tummy to Kids Growing Bones - just to name a few. These supplements do have a bit of sugar for taste, but nothing astronomical. 

Last on the list is our very own BetterFamily Liquid Daily subscription (6). For kids, we have a child and toddler dosage available, which includes vitamins and minerals that many children are lacking in their day-to-day nutrition. With this vitamin pack delivered right to your door, it’s something your children can benefit from, and it’s one less errand checked off your list. 


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