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3 Ways Liquid Daily Multivitamins Help With Energy

If you are interested in picking up a high quality multivitamin, then you should consider Better Family’s Liquid Daily Multivitamins. With a diverse blend of nutrients, our multivitamin formula is certified USDA organic and contains many of the most essential vitamins and minerals, including the B complex vitamins, vitamins A, E, D, and K, zinc, iodine, chromium, and selenium. Not to mention, its organic fruit blend utilizes elderberries and other superfruits in order to pack a powerful punch of antioxidants while adding a rich, reddish color to the formula that the whole family is sure to love.

On top of giving you that added burst of nutrition, can Liquid Daily also help your energy levels? The answer is: yes! Read on to learn more about the various energy-boosting aspects of our unique formula.

Having Enough Nutrients

As you probably know, the energy that your body uses every day comes mainly from the food you eat, and, more specifically, the nutrients inside that food. Having enough nutrients can make the difference between a sluggish, fatigued day and an energetic, productive day. If your body does not have fuel, then it cannot be expected to function at full capacity, both mentally and physically. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need extra vitamins and minerals to gain more energy (1). You simply have to give your body the recommended daily amounts.

However, oftentimes it can be difficult to consistently gain enough of the essential vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis simply from your diet alone. Whether hectic schedules interrupt well-balanced meal planning or the quality of the food in the grocery store is not as high as it could be, you may find yourself struggling to pack your body full of nutrients, especially if you are working against some picky eaters. Liquid Daily multivitamins make an excellent supplement for the whole family, providing only the highest quality forms of many essential micronutrients.

B Complex Vitamins

Perhaps the most notable energy-boosting vitamins are the B complex vitamins, a group of 8 distinct water-soluble vitamins. Although they are all part of the same family, each of the B vitamins plays its own unique role inside the body. However, many of these essential micronutrients share similar characteristics, one of which being their ability to provide energy.

Vitamin B12 is a great example. One of the ways it can offer up energy is by boosting your cells’ metabolisms. Among its various other roles in the body, vitamin B12 helps break down the food from your diet into glucose, which then powers your cells (2). And, of course, more power in your cells means more energy for you throughout the day. Many people even find it helpful to replace their usual afternoon coffee with a supplement that contains B12, as it can produce similar effects to caffeine without the need for added sugars. 

Vitamin B12 can also provide energy of another sort by improving your mood. Several of the B complex vitamins assist the brain and neurological function in general. Anyone suffering from depressive moods may benefit from a vitamin B12 supplement, as it may be able to increase their production of neurotransmitters and mood-regulating hormones like serotonin (3). In this way, having a steady amount of B12 in your system, whether from your diet or from a multivitamin like Liquid Daily, may allow you to feel more motivated and overcome depressive symptoms much easier.


Like the B complex vitamins, zinc works its magic throughout numerous bodily systems, particularly the immune system. However, what you may not know about this amazing trace mineral is that it can also have an effect on appetite and fatigue. In terms of appetite, some studies suggest that zinc deficiency may lead to a decreased desire for food, sometimes resulting in anorexia (4). As we stated previously, consuming a healthy diet regularly is a major part of maintaining energy levels. So, having an adequate amount of zinc in your system may decrease the risk of losing your appetite.

Zinc has also been connected with overcoming fatigue. Older adults often experience fatigue for various reasons. A study performed in 2021 found that seniors who took a zinc supplement regularly over the course of 70 days showed a significant decrease in signs of fatigue compared to those who took a placebo (5). Seniors who suffer frequently from fatigue and younger individuals as well may benefit from taking a supplement like Liquid Daily Multivitamins that contain your daily recommended amount of zinc.


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